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trinitycrossing's Journal

Trinity Crossing
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Years and years ago there was once a powerful organization comprised of 13 members of a special breed. They were Nobodies and each was striving to get back what was lost to them. Their Hearts. Some had lost it on their own accord, giving it over to darkness due to their own corrupted experiments. Others lost it by accident, shadows from the darkness came seeking more Hearts and theirs were ripe for the taking. These 13 clustered together forging a new life from the one they lost. However it was not to last. A boy bearing the bladed key sought out their destruction. To him, one of the realm of light, the 13 were going about finding their hearts the wrong way and throwing worlds into chaos because of their methods. So, one by one, he destroyed them. The Organization crumbled at the hands of the boy and his companions.

They did not know though that the Organization had actually planned for such a contingency. One of their numbers could control the flux of time, a formidable ability. Before things began to fall apart, he approached The Superior with an idea. Should they fail, should they fall, then he was to use a special watch that held all of the time master’s powers. This watch held the power to reset everything…to lead them to a time that would be without a wielder of the Keyblade and to being entirely new people…with new Hearts. The watch could not be activated, however, until the entire Organization had fallen. After all…there was still the hope that the Keyblade master would fall.

He did not.

And with the last of his strength, before the final blow, The Superior activated the watch and time warped around him.

This RP takes place before, during, and after the Kingdom Hearts games. Its focus is to peer into the life and times of the three lives the members of Organization XIII lead. You can jump around as much as you like in the past, ‘present’, and future. The ‘Past’ focuses on who the members were before they became Nobodies, so, in essence, their Others. The ‘Present’ focuses on things that happened in game but not necessarily on screen; developing the ties and connections, the Organization made during their existence.

The focus of this RP however is the ‘Future.’ The 13 members have been reborn on a new world and completely reset as people; new names, new histories, and no memories of what happened all those years ago.

They are marked though…each reincarnation bares a symbol of what they once were…a mark that ties their destinies together and binds their abilities. Once a reborn member meets with another member, though they don’t know it, that mark is unlocked and slowly their memories and abilities will return. The mark is the Roman numeral they carried as a member and can be located anywhere on their body (i.e. Luxord’s reincarnate could have an ‘X’ mark on his ankle while Demyx’s reincarnate could have ‘IX’ on his wrist, etc.)

In this time, the story of the Keyblade wielder is a mere myth, having taken place so long ago that no one around today has any recollection of it except for in books and other written records…which are usually put aside as crackpot stories. On the world the reincarnations live, this is even more so since magic does not even exist in the mainstream of things (though whether or not it exists in the deepest of undergrounds is up for debate). So as the reincarnations begin to unlock abilities and memories they could never dream of they are faced with loads of skepticism over whether any of it actually happened or not.