Axel (kamikaze_flame) wrote in trinitycrossing,

Who: Aidan and Del
When: Future
Where: Starbucks
What: A surprisingly deep discussion considering those involved in it.
Status: Finished
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

Del tapped his pencil against his textbook in beat with the song that was playing through his headphones. He was in a pretty good mood, having gotten a comfortable seat at the campuses local Starbucks.

Aidan had just gotten off of work and tried to figure out what to do with the rest of his day. He knew Shin was busy for now so he had time to kill. And that’s why Starbucks existed. He still wished he could order just a normal coffee, but if they all cost the same he might as well get something weird. 152 drumbeats of his fingers against the counter later it was done and he was ready to leave. That was until he spotted Del sitting nearby. Well he was bored he might as well see what was going on. He stood behind Del and peered over his shoulder, “Whatcha doing?”

And Del was oblivious to it all due to his usual habit of having the audio on his ipod up so loud he couldn't hear anything else but the music. Then again, Del wasn't the most observant or attentive person there was either...

Axel never did take well to being ignored, it was something all three of his incarnations agreed on. Unfortunately for Del, Aidan was feeling mischievous today, and his control over his powers were getting better. He flicked his pointer finger up in the air and Del’s pencil started to heat up and smoke.

Del squeaked, dropping his pencil and staring at it for a moment before he caught a glimpse of red out of the corner of his eye. Pulling his headphones off he looked behind him to see Aidan. "Ya coulda jus' gotten my attention like a normal person, ya know," Del pouted for a moment before perking up again. "So what's up!? I haven't seen ya in a while!"

Aidan smirked at the reaction he got and crossed over to the other side of the table. “I tried that but it was boring,” he replied setting his coffee cup down and sitting across from Del. “Not a whole lot…been working at the new job, getting things back to normal…all that stuff.”

Del blinked, " normal? Did something happen?" He bookmarked his page and closed his textbook, pushing it aside and replacing the space with his own coffee.

“What? No,” Aidan shrugged off the concern. “All the crap with the marks and weird memories…getting back to normal from that.”

Del gave Aidan a 'what are you crazy?' face, "Yet... you use your powers to get my attention. . . . And anyway~ I don't think there IS going back to normal... Pretty sure it's a one way street...unless you're really good at denial."

Aidan shrugged again laughing a little. “I didn’t mean back to normal by ignoring it. Just not getting a new crazy shock every two seconds. Besides,” he said taking a sip of his coffee. “Of course I’m going to use my powers…They fucking rock.”

Del laughed, "Yeah? What can ya do so far? Any of the neat stuff Axel usedta do?"

Aidan gave him a look. “What you want a demonstration? It’s not like the old place, they have sprinklers now. Bet ya wish they used to have some those.”

"Nah, I dun need a demonstration. Words are jus' fine. I trust ya enough not to lie. ... too much." Del took a sip of his coffee, waiting for Aidan's answer.

“Well then you still haven’t learned anything,” Aidan replied. He didn’t really want to get into what he could do with his powers. Cause it wasn’t that much, and hell if he was admitting that. “What about you? Can you do anything without a hose?”

Del rolled his eyes, "Yes. I can make my water clones.... though...only one or two right now." He left out the little detail of how most of the time he didn't even MEAN to summon clones, they just kinda..showed up in showers n' stuff.

Aidan sipped at more of his coffee, noticing it was starting to get cold, at least to him. “Damn, hope no one is paying attention to us, or they’d think we were totally crazy.”

"Psh. Let 'em think we're crazy. I don't care, do you?" Del finished off his coffee, setting the empty cup aside. "By the way... How much do you remember?"

“Fuck no,” Aidan said leaning back in his chair. “Remember?” he asked looking off into space thinking how best to answer. “Enough.”

"About your Somebody too? Not just your Nobody?," Del asked quietly. He hadn't really talked to anyone about Myde and dispite the merman having a fairly happy life, thinking about him always made Del a little sad.

“Huh?” Aidan hadn’t been expecting that question. He didn’t like talking about the past to begin with, but that…that felt really deep to him. “What brought that on?”

"I dunno...Was jus' wonderin' I guess. I mean, for me it's kinda wierd... Dem n' I... like we talk n' stuff. . . but...Myde. . . it''s like he's dead. Is it like that with you too?"

“You…talk to Dem?” Aidan asked getting interested. That was different enough from him to actually get a response. “No…I do you talk to him? Aren’t you the same person?”

"Eh? Well... no not exactly. I mean... like, I've lived twenty years without knowin' 'bout Dem... so 'm kinda different right? But yeah... we talk my head? Why? You can talk to 'im if you want."

“No. Not that I’ve tried but I don’t think it would work,” Aidan said actually sounding serious. “It’s weird talking about Axel like he’s someone else. Cause he’s not. I know which memories are from when, but they’re all still mine.”

"Really? But... does that mean your Somebody is you too? I dunno... I mean... I get it. . . but...we all seem different... like Dem n' Myde...sure we're a lot alike but...environment changes personality doesn't it?"

“Well yeah, you act different depending on what’s going on I guess,” Aidan said trying to work this idea through as this was the first time he’d actually thought about it. “But yeah, I guess that means Lea is me too…feels just as weird to use that name like it’s somebody else too. I don’t know, maybe I’m the crazy one cause I don’t think they’re different.”

Del shook his head, "Yeah... I don't know either. I try not to think too much 'bout it since it hurts my head. I just kinda go with the flow ya know?" Del laughed a little and then after a pause asked, "What was Lea like?"

“Yeah it is a headache,” Aidan replied shaking his head and returning to his neglected coffee. “Huh?” he asked eyes widening a bit at that question. He’d never really talked to anyone about his somebody, of course people had tried to get it out of him at the organization but they were all told (politely of course) to go fuck themselves. “Lea was…I don’t know,” he said noncommittally, it was still more than he’d ever said as Axel.

"You don't know? ....You don't remember him? I mean, it's understandable I guess... I didn't remember Myde until later either." Del zoned out a little as he thought about Myde.

Aidan shook his head, leaning back further. “No I remember him,” he admitted. “Just don’t know how to describe him. Damn, that was a long time ago wasn’t it.”

"Oh. Myde was. . . .uh. Well, half-fish and really really naiive...'Sides that he n' Dem weren't much different...."

“Naïve…you don’t say?” Aidan joked. “Oh yeah, I forgot they found you swimming around Atlantica.” He sighed, he may think they were all the same person, but they did act differently in some situations. Aidan was a lot more likely to trust people talk about things than Axel was. “Ok fine you want to know?” he asked acting as though it was a huge imposition. “I was a gypsy. Running around…oh hell I don’t even remember the world’s name.”

Del perked up, "A gypsy? Neat! Whatcha do all day? Hey! Gypsies dance right? We should go out to a bar and dance or something sometime!"

Oh hell, what had he done. Oh yeah, this was why he hadn’t told people. “Yeah, they dance,” he said rolling his eyes. “And sing, and get kicked outta town cause no one likes them.”

Del brightened up even more, clearly excited now, "You used to sing too!? Dude! You never told me that! Why did you never tell me that?! Can you still do that kinda stuff?"

Aidan slapped his forehead at Del’s reaction. “Why do you think I never told you that?” he asked giving him a pointed stare. Naturally Del picked up ‘sing’ but not ‘kicked out’.

"Huh? I dunno... that's why I asked. . . ." This is Del. This is Del being dumb. Any questions?

Nope, questions all answered. “Just drop it. Whatever was going to come out of your mouth on that line of thought the answer is no.” Aidan said suddenly feeling a headache coming on.

"Awwwww c'mon~~~ Ax~~~," Del whined. "It'll be funnnnnn~~~"

“Nope, not happening,” Aidan asserted. “Be happy with what you got, even Rox doesn’t know about Lea…not that he asked….”

"Eh? Really? You guys don't tell each other everything?," Del tilted his head sideways, obviously not coming up with a reason why they would have secrets from each other.

“We talk a lot it just didn’t come up,” Aidan shrugged. “We’re usually busy with other stuff.”

"Other stuf-- oooooohhhhh....right." Del blushed. "You two are still close, huh? Even after what he did?"

Aidan smirked at his expression. At least the topic had been changed from him singing. He looked at Del briefly then back at his coffee. “He did what he had to.”

Del's expression darkened and he glared at Aidan. "He betrayed us all and killed most of us. Don't tell me he had to do all that."

It was still a delicate area even after all of this time. Axel had finally made peace with it before making his final decision, and Aidan was just happy to have him back. “He found his heart,” Aidan matching the glare. “And it’s not like we gave him much of a choice for the other stuff.”

"Oh, so if you found your heart, you'd abandon everyone too? Oh wait. Nevermind. You did that anyway!" It was obviously Demyx speaking now and he was doing his best not to start screaming at Adian...since well, they WERE in a public place and he didn't particularly want to make a scene.

Hell if Aidan was going to take that, it was enough to make him forget that they were in public. He stood up and put his hands on the table leaning towards Demyx in an intimidating manner. “Shut the hell up,” he said probably louder than he should have.

"Make me," Del hissed, not intimidated by Aidan. "Did you think no one would miss you? Hell, I missed everyone. Even the people I didn't like! Why the hell did you even join the Organization? Or better yet, why did you even stay if you're selfish enough to think only about yourself?!"

It took a lot of effort for Aidan to not punch Demyx in the face. Leaving the organization was the first unselfish thing he’d ever done. “Who’s being selfish here?” he hissed right back. “Wanting everyone to stay cause you miss them? Roxas should have given up his chance at a heart cause you wanted him to?”

"You don't just abandon your friends...," Del/Dem said quietly. "I know I've always kinda been the different one... but if I had the choice between gettin' my heart back or never seein' any of the org again. Well... Who needs a heart when ya can't see everyone ya care 'bout?"

Aidan sat back down in his chair, laughing hard. He couldn’t help it, there was too much irony. Demyx’s reason for why he should have stayed was exactly the reason he left.

He frowned, looking at Aidan. "What's so funny?!"

“We’re all so pathetic,” Aidan said still laughing but softer. “You don’t need a heart when you can’t see the person you care about…why I left and went out in a blaze of glory.”

"Huh? What do you mean?" Del was just confused now. One minute they were arguing and now Adian was laughing...

“What do I mean?” Aidan repeated, he thought he’d been pretty clear. “Roxas left. No point sticking around trying to get a heart if I wasn’t going to be able to use it…damn I turned into a fucking sap.”

"Eh... no I mean. like. What was that bit 'bout the blaze of glory stuff?"

Aidan looked at him weird before the light bulb went off in his head. “Oh right…you weren’t around anymore for that.” He didn’t particularly like talking about it, but hell he’d brought up Lea today why not this too. “Rox…well I guess Sora, cause Roxas wouldn’t have needed the help. Anyway, bunch of dusks, took all of them out in one shot, and… Yeah. You know what happens when you use that much power.”

Del paled and stared, wide-eyed at Adian, unable to say anything for a while. And then, "You killed yourself?!," he nearly shouted, earning quite a few stares from customers and baristas alike.

Aidan winced at the sudden loud noise. Good thing he didn’t care what other people thought of him, cause that had to sound pretty crazy. “Keep it down would ya,” he complained, lowering his own voice. “It sounds so bad when you say it like that. It was much more noble and matyr..y. Besides,” he said smirking again, “Better than getting taken out by a giant key and two animals.”

"Hey, that thing hurt~!," Del pouted and then said quieter, "And besides... it's not like I had much of a choice. . ." Del fell quiet, staring at a random spot on the table. Talking about getting killed was sorta a depressing subject.

“I know,” Aidan shrugged. “I’ve gotten hit with it too.” It would have been so easy to throw in a jab about surviving getting hit by it, but he had more tact than that this time around. “Well, this is a fun topic.”

Del looked up at Aidan, giving him a confused look and tilting his head slightly. "What? No it's not."

Aidan just shook his head at that. Those kinds of observations from Demyx didn’t shock him anymore. “Common, talk about how you died, in public, where people can hear us. It’s totally fun.”

"Huh? But we were talkin' 'bout that n' it wasn't f-- ... ooooh~" Del grinned sheepishly and pointed at Aidan. "You're being sarcastic, aren't you?"

That earned Del a smirk and light applause. “Wow, you have gotten smarter this time around to have figured that out without me having to tell you.”

"Shutup~," Del whined. "It has nothin' ta do with smarts! I has to do with...uh...," He waved his hand around in a vague manner, "perception...or... something..." A pause and then he mumbled, "shutupihateyougodieinafir-- ... nevermind."

Aidan shoulder’s shook as he laughed at Del’s attempt at a comeback. Luckily for Del his reaction was amusing enough to keep the last retort from being biting. “Ow,” he joked, “Little hostile there.”

"Psh. You can handle it," Del waved his hand dismissively. "Oh. Hay. Didn't you say something about a new job? What happened with the bookstore? ... and does this mean I can't get a discount on my next semester's textbooks?"

“Huh?” Aidan said at the topic change. “Oh, I was just finally able to leave. Hell, I already graduated I didn’t want to be working at that damn place my whole life.” He smirked at Demyx at his last question. “If you want a discount I guess you could always low however they get to take my place.”

Del just rolled his eyes. "So where you workin' now then? ... And can I get a discount there instead?"

“Damien gave him a job,” Aidan said shrugging. “If you want a discount guess you have to ask him.”

Del blinked. "You work with Damien?! Dude! I'm totally gonna bug 'im at work more now. 'cus then I get to bug you too!" Del grinned, obviously pleased with an excuse to annoy Damien.

“You really want to annoy me in a place where I’m playing with fire?” Aidan asked raising an eyebrow.

Del bit his lip, thinking about this for a moment. "....Technically. . . .isn't every place potentially a place you can play with fire?"

That actually made Aidan pause. “Point…” he said.

Del grinned. "Besides! I can control water. Your fire doesn't scare me. .... much."

“Oh, that sounded like a challenge,” Aidan said face brightening considerably.

Del perked up, slightly alarmed. "What? It did? ... N-no it didn't!"

“You said fire didn’t scare you,” Aidan smirked again, setting his now empty cup down on the table. “Obviously, we need to see what we can do with that.”

Del huffed. "You just want an excuse to show off. And no, we don't need to see what we can do with that."

“In all the time you’ve known me would I ever do something like that?” Aidan asked innocently. “Ok fine, you just admit that you’re totally scared cause you know fire is so much better than water and we won’t need to test it right now.”

"Fire is totally not better than water and you wouldn't dare try and pull anything right now. Not 'ere in public." Del tried to sound confident, but there was a hint of doubt in his voice.

“Well yeah,” Aidan agreed casually. “I like my overpriced coffee, not going to get kicked out. But…” he trailed off into a smirk again. “You already said you’re going to be bugging me at work…”

Del frowned. "Well fine then. If you're gonna be that way then I won't bother you. I mean, I can always jus'' bug Damien at his apartment."

Aidan smirked again, just being an ass at this point. “Yeah, until he shows you that air is better than water too.”

"Yeah right. I don't think 'e has his powers back yet." Still Del sounded doubtful.

“Really?” Aidan asked sounding interested. “Wonder why not.”

"I dunno. Maybe because he keeps insisting he's not Xaldin and sorta wants nothing to do with him...Or I guess more like he thinks we were reincarnated so we don't end up like our Nobodies." Del frowned slightly as he thought over it, trying to make sense of Damiens thought process.

“Hmm…” Aidan mused. “Guess that makes sense…so there you go you can kick his ass and bug him at his place for the time being.”

Del rolled his eyes. "Now why would I wanna kick Damiens ass? ...And he could probably kick my ass without his powers..."

“I don’t remember,” Aidan said, twirling around his empty cup. “What were we talking about?”

"Wha? About...uh, our powers?" And now Del was confused, they were JUST talking, could Aidan really forget?

Aidan hadn’t forgotten, he just liked watching Del get confused. He just smirked and stood, grabbing his empty cup. “So I guess since you know where I work now I’ll be seeing you around.”

"Eh? You're leaving? But... Uh, well... Okay..." Del hesitated, not knowing if he should stand to say goodbye or not.

Aidan had only gone to the shop for coffee and hadn’t expected to spend this long anyway. “See ya around Dem,” he said, jokingly roughing his hair. He didn’t burn it per say, but it definitely got hotter for a second just to mess with him.

Del squeaked, calling after the redhead, but staying put; He did have to study. "H-hey! Ax! Don't do that!"

“Do what?” He called back innocently, not stopping in his pace towards the door.

Del pouted, glaring a little at Adian as he left before he returned to his studies.

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