Axel (kamikaze_flame) wrote in trinitycrossing,

Who: Axel and Demyx
When: Present
Where: TWTNW
What: Demyx trespasses and Axel gets irritated.
Status: Finished
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

Demyx was somewhere he probably shouldn't be located... Then again, Myde had had little understanding of the concept of privacy, and Demyx obviously took after his Somebody; A fact that Vexen and Xaldin were well aware of. Axel however.... probably not so much. Though he'd probably soon find out, as Demyx was currently wandering around his immediate superior's room.

Axel rolled his head, cracking his neck trying to relieve some of the tension within it. That last mission had been killer, and incredibly annoying. He was getting really sick of all that crap. Nearing his room all he could think about doing was hiding out for awhile alone so no one could get him to do anything else.

Or at least that was the plan...until he opened the door to find the mohawked idiot trespassing. He'd gotten used to the newer member enough to know how to deal with such a situation by now, "What the Hell Demyx?"

Demyx blinked, starting a bit and turning around to see Axel. "Oh hey Ax!," he said, grinning and waving a little at Number VIII, obviously not understanding the problem with him being there.

Axel gave him an exasperated look that went all through his body, even his hands moved as if to say 'wtf?' "Demyx, what are you doing in my room?"

"Eh? Oh. Well Vexy was all busy with something n' told me to stop bothering him so I went to go find Xaldin but apparently he's out on a mission to find new recruits today and Saix is kinda scary n' Vexy told me to stay away from him anyway for some reason.... and uh. Well Xem isn't really the type of person you'd WANT to hang out with, he talks waaaaay too much and..... uh. Xig isn't around either...and. Lex and Zex were... uh. yeaaaaah. so um. I decided exploring would be fun! But like I know most of all the places 'cept people's rooms n' i sorta thought that i should start with yours since you ARE right next door n' all."

Axel blinked as his brain tried to follow Demyx's train of logic. It would have been difficult even if he hadn't been exhausted from the 12 hour straight mission. "So you just decided to come in," Axel said sounding calm but with a tired and dangerous face. "So...ya wanna be slow broiled or burnt to a crisp?"

"Well yeah I mean it's not lik-- Oh..." Demyx stopped himself midway when he processed what the combination of Axel's words and expression meant. He shrunk back, tense and on guard now, ready to run or fight if he REALLY needed to. "C-c'mon Ax~ What's the big deal? I...I didn't break anything~," he spoke hesitantly now, hands up in front of him.

Fortunetly for Demyx, Axel was still too worn out to really carry through on his threats. That didn't mean he wasn't above making number IX squirm though. He was still on a bit of a power trip now that he finally had power over someone.

"How do you know you didn't break anything by accident?" he asked wagging a finger at him. "You don't know what I've got in here, you could have stepped on something and not known it." He was pulling stuff out of his ass, but...he could

Demyx squeaked, frantically looking around the floor to make sure he DIDN'T accidentally step on something. He was still not 100% used to this whole walking thing, and it would be just like him to squish something without realizing it. "Wha-- but! but! I didn't mean to!"

“You totally meant to,” Axel said just to contradict him. It was just too easy to confuse IX and Axel didn’t think it would ever get old. Now he just had to make some train of logic. “You came into my room without permission so you obviously meant to break whatever you stepped on.”

"But, but, but! I didn't! I ...I just came in to look around 'cus i was all bored n' wanted to explore! I didn't mean to break anything! Honest!" Demyx paused then, thinking for a moment before frowning. "Hey! I'm not that mean! I wouldn't come in here with the intention of breaking something! That's something Saix would do or something."

Well Axel had gotten the reaction he was looking for out of him and was getting bored with this now. He opened the door again and stood in front of it, propping it with his back. “Well this was tons of fun,” he said flipping his hands in the air. “Now…get out.”

Demyx blinked and then let his facade drop a bit, staring at Axel with a not-quite glare. "Ya dun haveta be so rude 'bout it," he said as he walked towards the door, eyes remaining fixed on Axel.

Axel sighed loudly as the newest member had the nerve to call him rude after barging into his room uninvited. He would never understand how Demyx’s brain worked. All he knew was that he was tired and cranky from going on way too long of a mission and it was making dealing with IX more difficult than it needed to be. “Look Dem,” he said rubbing the bridge of his nose. “You can’t just waltz into someone’s room. It’s gonna get your ass kicked at some point.” That was supposed to have been advice, but it came out more like a threat.

Demyx smirked, "Aw, now that's not nice, Ax. You're makin' it sound like I can't take care of myself. Sweet that ya care so much 'bout me though."

Axel looked up past the hand on his nose to stare at Demyx. Ok, now he was just asking for it. His pointer finger flipped up and there was suddenly a brilliant plume of flame coming right from Demyx’s hair.

Squeaking, Demyx quickly summoned water, dousing himself and then doing the same to Axel. "Bastard! What the hell was that for?!," he growled, resisting the urge to punch the redhead in the face.

To review; Axel was tired, cranky…and now wet. So much for keeping his temper in check. He stared hard at Demyx through his now dripping wet bangs, with a nice nobody impression of anger. Since he was still exhausted from the earlier use of his power, and being wet meant it would take even more to summon a flame, physical instincts won out. He grabbed the back of Demyx’s coat just under the hood and used it to try to fling him out into the hallway.

Demyx stumbled out into the hall, not resisting against Axel tossing him out. He was angry and annoyed, but even so, he knew the best way to make the situation better was to just leave the whole thing alone. Besides, he didn't particularly feel like fighting. Of course, he couldn't just leave without getting a final little jab in and so, childishly he shouted, "FINE! Be that way!"

Axel slammed the door once Demyx was out. If Demyx had retaliated he would have had no problem getting into an actual fight, but once again Demyx wasn’t like the other members. He really hated this place, now he was tired, cranky, wet, frustrated and there was nothing to take it out on. While he couldn’t feel bad about it, later he might decide he didn’t have to handle Demyx that way, but right now who cared.

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