Axel (kamikaze_flame) wrote in trinitycrossing,

Who: Aidan and Shin
When: Future
Where: Club and then Aidan's apartment
What: Sex in public :)
Status: Complete
Rating: NC-17
Warning: They're at it again...'nuf said.

"Excuses, excuses," Aidan said, squeezing the skin under his hand slightly. "You're just antisocial." It did make him feel better to hear Shin finally admit that he was right about something. He turned his body to face him and bent down when the arm curled around his neck. He really needed to find Shin some platform shoes, he was way too short.

It didn't take much to send his mind going in a different direction, especially not with Shin being aggressive and challenging him. "Hmm, I don't know," he said taking another step closer to completely close the gap between them. "Find something to do 'in.' though…" he leaned down closer nuzzling at his ear, "I think you'll agree now that you can just as much fun 'out' too."

"Oh and coming off like that do you really think I'll let you do anything?" If this really was a challenge then Shin felt he could with stand Aidan's attempts and not give in to the red head. Something inside sparked and ignited. The mere thought of having something to fight about made him excited, why - the hell if he knew.

When the gap between them vanished, Shin grinded just a little against the red head as a warning - or perhaps as a tease. Could Aidan hold out too after a while? Shin eased back to the beat of the music, before he pulled slightly away from Aidan. Long enough to take his cup and swallow the last of his drink. The empty glass was put down, and despite the swirling of his head he eased away from Aidan and headed for the dance floor.

If Aidan wanted a challenge he'd give him one.

"Yes, you always do," Aidan said teasing him. He saw the spark of challenge go through Shin's eyes and the same feeling going through his mind. A challenge would just make everything better, especially since he had no intention of loosing. His mind went deliciously blank when Shin started his dance against him, oh that was good. He couldn't tell what the challenge here was, but he didn't care if Shin was going to keep doing that.

Naturally the second he thought that was when Shin pulled away from him. He was taken out of his trance and watched the glass go down; holy crap it was empty already? Ooo drunk Shin, that would make things more fun. He took a hold of his own drink and drained a good portion before abandoning it to follow after the tempting blonde.

He caught up to him on the dance floor and pulled him into his arms from behind. "Trying to get away?" he asked, getting a rhythm in his hips as he grabbed him.

Shin's body didn't so much wobble back as sway with the music. The heat of Aidan's hands and fingers let him know that it was him - so he didn't really feel the need to fight the hold. He did however make it a bit to grind back into the coming rhythm Aidan took with his hips. A few grinds and he twisted around to face the red head.

"From you?" He finally said with a bit of a smirk as he looked upward. "Never ~ not like you'd let me go anyway." He took the lead and pulled away again, just out of reach, but continued to move with the music. Just to prove the point that Aidan would in fact pull him right back or join him. Not so much of a challenge, just a point.

"Not a chance," Aidan replied drawing the smaller boy close again as they moved. "I'll hunt you down, until you stop trying." He realized just how stalkerish that would have sounded to anyone nearby, so lucky for him the rest of the world had stopped existing. He didn't care if he sounded like a stalker, it was true, and Shin had to know that…besides it was obviously Shin's fault that he felt that way.

"Well if you're not trying to get away," he said again, leaning in next to his face so he could be heard over the music, "What are you trying to do?"

"Just testing the waters," he replied as his lips brushed against Aidan's jaw line and dropped to his neck. The blond nipped and suckled at the skin as his hands drew down the sides of Aidan's body. He made sure to spread his fingers out so he touched the other as much as possible. The friction, the heat, the music -- he used it all to his advantage moving his body against the other to put the red head back on edge. Right to the edge, and practically falling off.

Then he'd ease back, like the horrid tease he thought he could be. He wanted to prove to Aidan that no matter what he'd never be able to not keep his hands away and behave himself. Shin couldn't be the only one to give in so easily, now could he?

It wasn't much of a contest. Aidan knew he couldn't keep away, and he saw no reason why he should. His head fell back at the feeling of Shin's lips on his neck. He drew the other closer and ran his own hands over his body as they moved. He was blissfully unaware of anything other than the music and the boy in front of him, when Shin had to ruin it by moving away.

He growled in disappointment when Shin backed up and slipped out of his hands. The added heat was lost, and the world came rushing back. He wanted it back…it was his. He didn't consider it giving in when he almost instantly grabbed onto the other again pulling him into a dance. "When did you get to be such a tease?" he asked into his ear, biting at the shell.

Roxas head spun suddenly he was pulled back against Axel's chest, the smell of the other found his nose as he arched closer as his ear was nibbled upon. He had to bite down on his own lower lip to draw himself back into some sense of reality. Axel's question was still fresh in his mind though.

With his body still pressed closed, hips grinding against the other's to the beat of the music he shrugged and looked up with those bright blue eyes. "Dun like it?" It wasn't really a question, espcially when after another grinding roll of his hips directly against the other he added. "Too bad."

Aidan kept kissing the other's ear as they moved. He always tasted so good, it was hard to tear himself away. Once again he was glad for how dark club's were so no one would make them stop. His hips pressed forward as Shin's went back, moving them together in rhythm to the music. Dancing…it could be considered that he guessed.

He broke away to chuckle at Shin's taunt, resting his chin on his shoulder. Two could play at this game. His hands snaked around to Shin's stomach, rubbing in small circles going ever lower. Dropping any pretense, he brought his right hand down to brush again, and lightly cup Roxas's crotch. The hand was gone as quickly as it had been there, so no one could catch it or it could be explained as an accident. "Who said I didn't like it…" he asked tauntingly.

It suddenly got very warm and Shin could feel himself getting more and more light headed. It was probably a bad thing, good for Axel as his hands came to reach around and hold more firmly onto the red head's lanky frame.

Especially, when he found his lower half suddenly groped, his whole body shuddered with pleasure. Dizzy from the heat and alcohol, Roxas let out a moan. One that lost to the music, but not to Axel's ear. His pants, despite their lose nature begun to feel rather tight again. That being the main problem right now, Shin, who was beginning to fall victim to the alcohol in his system and his own pride - Axel was not allowed to get the better of him.

As they continued dancing, it was only a matter of time before Roxas returned the favor. Slipping the hand down between them as they grinded and danced. Groping for a good feel, making sure that the other was just as aroused as he was. He was pretty sure he could restrain himself from jumping the red head then and there, when they got back to his apartment however. That was probably another story all together.

Aidan had no idea how much the drink was affecting Roxas right now. With the way he was pressing against him he'd already forgotten how much he'd drunk and that he should be concerned about him. His hand kept it's movement of small circles around Shin's thighs, occasionally brushing against his ever tightening pants. He'd never really gotten a kick out of sex in public before…but then he'd never tried, he was starting to think it wasn't that bad.

Aidan let out a light gasp into Shin's ear when his hand brushed over his crotch. He hadn't realized how aroused he was actually becoming until that brought his attention to it. He was favored by his position behind Shin to hide that fact though. He brought his hands to both of shin's hips to keep him in place, and grinded hard against him masking it as a dance.

They moved away from dancing, much like sitting comfortably in a booth talking over a few drinks to flat out dry humping like a pair of animals. Shin would later blame Aidan and the alcohol, but there was a part of him who was actually having fun.

Perhaps it was a little bit twisted, but the constant back and forth and the sounds Aidan were making just made teh corners of his lips curl all the more devilishly. With their bodies so close, his hand remained crushed between them feeling, rubbing through by now Aidan's very tight pants. When his hand finally came free, Shin turned around very quickly to face the other with one of those grins on his face. He was pleased with himself, but mostly it was because he was drunk.

Aidan wasn't comparing this to anything else in the evening, since his brain was very focused on the hand trapped between their hips. Something in his brain should have told him continuing to grind against him like this would eventually be a bad thing. They were going to get stopped soon…some bouncer was going to notice and kick them out. That should have been a scary thought, but maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was just the fact that he was Axel, but that sounded like fun. Authority was made to be tested after all.

With those thoughts it was no surprise that almost the second after Shin had turned around he'd pulled him into a kiss. He'd seen the pleased smile on Shin's face and decided he had to taste it. A hand found its way into Shin's hair, the other stayed on his hips to keep up the motion of the pseudo-dance they were doing.

Aidan tasted like liqour, sweat, and something else he couldn't really place without thinking hard himself. The kiss was deep and hungry, a bit more sloppy than usual. When they pulled away Shin tucked his head beneath Aidan's chin and bit down on his bottom lip almost thoughtfully.

His fingers tugged at AIdan's clothes and when he looked back up he made a soft sound by breathing and pressing his lips together at the same time. "You gonna make fun of me if I asked if its ok if we went home now?" Not because it wasn't fun, but Shin thought the reasons were obvious. He was drunk, horny, and all he could think about was pushing Aidan down and having his way with him.

Aidan made a noise of complaint when Shin pulled back. Even if he did need air, he hadn't wanted to stop. He rested his head in Shin's spiky hair, still moving him with the beat, and trying to tell his erection that no he was not going to take him on a public dance floor…if for no other reason than he'd get pissed and cut him off.

He pulled back when Roxas moved, and accepted the kiss automatically. He paused, trying to make sense of his words before a grin split across his face. "What?" he asked teasingly. "You don't want to do it right here?" The reasons were definitely obvious to Aidan. Despite his body's protests he pulled back enough so that he would be able to calm himself down enough to be able to make it back. "You know I'm going to make fun of you no matter what we do."

Shin growled at that, and reached up to wind up into that thick mass of red spikes. Roxas took hold and pulled, pulled until Axel was eye level with him. He waited until his tongue had passed teasing over the red head's lower lip before he eased forward and nipped at a bit more than playfully. Almost violently...

"What I want to do to you, would probably get us arrested and I'd rather not have to call my Mom and explain that one." Shin stated rater flatly, as if he was sober. Frankly, he was far from it.

To say that Aidan was shocked would have been an understatement. The smirk was wiped off his face and his eyes went wide as soon as he found himself quite suddenly bent over. In his shock he wasn't able to respond to the violent treatment his lips were getting, as he just continued to stare at Shin. His words managed to get the first blink of out him, as he took them in, then his brain completely snapped. Damn, he liked hearing that come from Roxas, and never thought he would.

His wide eyes took on a lustful glean as he stared at him and then suddenly he was moving. He grabbed Shin's wrist and started taking him through the throngs of dancers and to the exit. Shin had found the perfect formula to get Aidan to do whatever he wanted with glee.

When they finally got outside, Shin felt his head spin again. The cold air was like a smack to the face. Inside the club had been like a furance and it was only now as his sweat gleaned skin met the cool night air that he could feel the difference. He almost shivered, but his feet were fighting to walk straight as Aidan pulled him along the street side.

He was actually glad that Aidan didn't need anymore coaxing, or else he probably would have dragged him out himself or at least as far as he could. A taxi probably would have been faster, but Shin was having a hard time telling up from down, and down from rabbits. So he kept close to the red head, stealing touches as they headed back to Aidan's. Or so Shin assumed, because the dorm wasn't really much of an appropriate place either to screw around at the top of your lungs.

Aidan started leading them back to his apartment on autopilot. His brain had stopped functioning awhile back, and that was where his feet had decided to take them. It was closer anyway. Time was a factor because if too many more stolen touches happened he was just going to find them an alley. Not that he didn't steal some of his own, in less than innocent areas.

He probably should have noticed how much Shin was staggering, but he wasn't doing much better himself. They finally made it to the building. After a drunken minute of figuring out which key went in which of the three holes he was seeing, he opened the door and pulled Shin in after him.

The elevator was fun, With no need to step anymore, Shin had pressed firmly against Aidan and kissed him hard. His tongue swirled and his hand dived down between them. Like on the dance floor Shin ground and rubbed without care of being caught. It was when Shin heard that ping of the elevator opening that he growled and eased back to pull Aidan into the hallway.

More touches, a few stumbles and eventually they were inside. Shin didn't even wait for the door to close. He knew he pushed it with his hand, but he was already moving forward to take hold of Aidan. Shin was quick in his actions and he twisted Aidan and himself around and back until the red head met with the door.

Shin wobbled a little, his head had spun half way through the twist and he was about to laugh at himself when his brain focused back to the throbbing in his pants and Aidan in front of him. With a lick of his lips, he was already falling down to his knees. Axel's pants were removed hastily - fuck the shirt. The shirt wasn't hiding the important bits, if Aidan wanted it off he could remove it.

Further more not wasting any time, Shin's smaller arms wound their way up Axel's legs as he positioned himself much like had in the bathroom, and while he was rushing at least this time he didn't worry about being caught.

Aidan had little choice but to accept the kiss he found himself on the receiving end of in the elevator. Not that he was complaining; his eyes slid closed a second after contact was made. He buried a hand into Roxas's hair pushing their lips together, none to gently, teeth bumping against each other as he pushed to see just how close they could get.

The kiss was broken once for Aidan to let out a shuddered gasp when Shin's hand found his rapidly forming erection. As quickly as it had stopped it started again, and both of Aidan's hands gripped onto Shin's ass, kneading the flesh and pushing him against him for more friction. He could only imagine how far their moans were carrying, and who was (un)fortunate enough to get the free show.

Aidan hadn't heard the ding to announce their destination. Before his alcohol addled brain could figure out what was going on he was being pulled around. By the time he'd come back to his senses he found himself pressed up against the back of his door and wondering how exactly he got there.

He made an interesting keening sound as his erection was at once comfortably freed from its confines but also exposed to colder air. Oh gods, Shin really wasn't wasting any time. His hands found the back of Shin's head, and rubbed him encouragingly ready to beg him to just do it if he had to. Although, call him crazy, he didn't think he would.

Shin took Aidan fully into his mouth and suckled for a good few minutes before he released the other and sucked in a few well needed breaths. His tongue stayed busy lapping up and around the throbbing skin of Aidan's erection as Shin's fingers dug their way into Axel's hips.

As his breath returned to him, Shin returned to eased the tip of Axel's cock into his mouth, he teased the tip and ran his tongue down along the underside as his fingers dragged away. The pants he had pushed down were pulled and tugged off freely. Shoes were thrown aside and left to land with loud thuds before Shin crawled a bit more between Aidan's leg. He inclined himself slightly more and reached a hand up and around towards Aidan's rear. Like in the elevator he begun to squeeze and caress but the main focus was that erection.

Shin's body was rising more and more with each breath he took against the other. Even with his world spinning he took care to concentrate and when he couldn't take it anymore he dug his fingers back into Aidan's skin and pulled the red head down. Aidan's erection was slick from his tongue, and Shin's lips were slightly puffy from all the action it was getting, but he didn't seem like he was going to stop any time soon.

Aidan's head hit the door with a loud thump. He didn't seem to care, or even notice. He lost sense of time as his hands rubbed through Shin's blonde spikes just as he had done earlier. Unlike earlier though he did not want this to be over quickly, but Roxas was making anything else happening difficult. He tried to pull himself away, but couldn't seem to make himself and verbally complained when Shin started moving his clothes around.

He may not have been as obviously drunk as Shin (at least in his mind), but he still was far from coherent thought. He helped Shin to free him from his clothes, and flung his shirt off just in time to bring his hands right back onto Shin's head as he repositioned himself. Any conscience effort to keep himself in check was quickly slipping away.

It took him a moment to realize that their positions were being switched again. A more coherent Aidan may have realized that Shin was being very dominant right now; as it was he couldn't get beyond the fact that he was liking it. It was easy to keep the momentum from being pulled down to push forward towards Shin and send them both on the floor with him in-between Roxas' legs.

He instantly moved to take advantage of the situation, claiming his lips. The kiss was deep but also brief, as his mouth was replaced by two fingers and his kiss trailed to his neck. There were better things to use for lubricant, but they were over there and Shin was right here and fuck if he was going anywhere else.

Shin returned the kiss deeply and with a loud moan as their bodies met against the plain carpet of Aidan's apartment. His body still more than eager to be taken and touched responded eagerly to the slightest shift of skin against skin.

When their lips parted he released a grunt as he had been planning on something, but it was silenced when Aidan's fingers slipped between his lips. He nipped at the tips before suckling and making them as slick as he had Aidan's cock just a few moments ago. Much like their first time, Shin could really care less if they had lube or not. He was working off pure desire for the other, and if he could have spoken he would have surely said somethign along the lines of 'fuck me'.

Shin didn't need to say anything, since that was precisely what was going through Aidan's mind as well. Aidan's fingers played around in Shin's mouth absently as he focuses on molesting his neck. He was not being particularly gentle so there was a very good chance each nip would bruise and with the number his whole neck might be brown. As tempting as it was his neck could only keep his interest for so long, and his twitching cock was demanding attention.

He pulled his fingers from his mouth and brought them to Shin's opening with little ceremony while they were still wet. He left his neck and trailed the same rough bites down his chest as his fingers worked on preparing him as much as they could. After was seemed like forever to him, but to a normally functioning mind would have been about a minute, his fingers were gone and he was clumsily trying to get himself into place. It would have been much smoother had he not been seeing two of things.

With his mouth free the curses begun to flow a bit more freely. Like a loose lip'd sailor, Shin's language was color enough to make any girl blush. Between the pants his fingers dragged and dug into whatever skin was beneath his fingertips and in the end his own pale skin wouldn't be the only one left with marks to make them remember this wild evening.

Shin released a loud moan and something that sounded vaguely like 'fuck yea' and 'finally' though it was smooshed together into one word and to the sober mind would have sounded like utter gibberish. His hips rocked and adjusted as needed and it seemed the lack of lube and the double vision was hardly a problem on his end. In fact, he pushed up into Aidan until the red head was buried so deep that they couldn't move any deeper. With his toes curled against the carpet Shin begun to rock his hips to help build a steady flow of movement.

"Aaugh," Aidan let out a loud moan when Shin moved against him. He always felt so good, so warm, so tight. Fortunately double vision was no longer an issue as he could just close his eyes and make sure Shin wasn't the only one moving.

He'd lost it long ago, and was going purely on sensation. He leaned over Shin, bracing himself with his hands above the smaller boy's shoulders. The combination of alcohol, dancing and sex had caused a fine sheen of sweat to break out all over his body as he moved against Roxas. He bowed his head tying to kiss at his ear but gave up. His head stayed in that position though as all of his remaining mental power and muscle strength was going into the back and forth motion that he'd been waiting for all night.

The seconds that passed felt more like minutes and he was on edge and numb from the alcohol all at the same time. It made feeling everything much more intense and yet not at once. Shin felt like he could burst any minute, but as the seconds went on he was still pushing and writhing up into the red head and digging his nails deeper into Aidan's skin and begging for more.

His moans let Aidan know how good he felt, how hard and fast to go. Now and again Roxas tried to kiss Axel, but much like the red head's attempt he failed. When the right spot was hit, Shin's legs spread wide and his back arched to repeat the thrusts until his head rolled back. His own erection was twitching for its release, it probably wouldn't take long now, coherency wasn't even an option.

Aidan's arms were shaking from the effort it was taking to keep himself from collapsing on top of Shin. He felt the nails in his back, but it didn't register as anything in the sea of other sensations. A low string of curses and moans in-between panting spilled from Aidan's mouth with each movement. He wasn't going to last much longer, but since it already felt like forever he couldn't complain.

He opened his eyes to stare down at Roxas's face, unconsciously happy to not be seeing two of him. He always looked so hot when he was about to let go. The thought made him twitch, and he started moving even faster within in. So close. He lowered himself onto his elbows, providing more support for himself and also freeing and arm to snake down to Shin's erection. He wanted to watch him.

Shin's body was already insanely ridged and tight with an impending release. A good and bad thing considering they had only just begun, unless you count their time spent all throughout the evening touching and enjoying each other.

Shin felt like he was going to burst, so when Aidan's hot fingers drew around his erection his hips bucked up in turn. With a grunt and a whimper Shin fought to push up into Aidan's hand and forward to push him deeper. The actions were of across drawing attention away from one area, and it almost made it seem like he couldn't win.

Wanting both he pulled Aidan down flush against him as much as they could allow as he continued to grind up into the red head.

Aidan fell on top of Shin, he was so far gone he wasn't able to resist the pull for anything. Hot skin, met hot skin and slid against each other with ease. He could swear he almost heard music as they moved in rhythm together just like earlier; perhaps the beat was only their hearts. Unfortunately, the pull had taken him off his knees and made it awkward to thrust.

Though the movements became more sporadic this didn't stop anything. He was so close, trying to reposition wasn't an options, and he kept going, slapping against the others skin. He panted in his ear, each growing more strained than the last. The breaths got so fast and then stopped, entire body going rigid as he came hard in his lover's body. He all but collapsed on top of the smaller boy, hand still slowly massaging his member, and moving his body back and forth for added friction.

It didn't seem to bother Shin in the least, his moans grew louder and like Aidan his thrusts were awkward but they were done hard and deep so it was apparently working. As he felt the climax coming, his head spun and his fingers dug deeper into the red head's skin.

He came not too long after, every muscle in his body clenching and then releasing in a manner that caused him to slump into a unresponsive puddle beneath Aidan. He was breathing heavy, and a hand quickly came up to his face as he tried to keep his world from spinning terrible out of focus. While he didn't feel drunk anymore, the side effects were still lingering - not to mention the orgasm wasn't helping to add to the dizziness.

"Mmm," was Roxas's final sound as he groped along Axel's back side to keep the other close.

Aidan nuzzled into Shin's neck like a cat with a content purr. He was exhausted, something that seemed to happen a lot when he was around Shin. His hand kept it's slow movement on the other's exhausted and non-too clean member, not to get a reaction but just because he liked the way it felt in his hand.

He certainly didn't protest to being kept close by Roxas's groping hands. His brain tried to process everything that had happened that night, even if he hadn't been drunk it would have been difficult. He managed to lift his head up and slide off of him enough to be able to see his chest and the black XIII there. He gently brushed it with his lips. He still didn't get it, but it somehow led to a little spitfire blowing him in a club bathroom and then demanding more before they even got into his apartment.

Shin remained beneath Aidan as still as his sense would allow. It was the dull sense of Aidan's lips against his chest, that part of his chest specifically that brought him back to his senses a bit more. While Aidan's lips were still hot, that spot on his chest was oddly cold.

He shivered and drew his eyes open and down towards Aidan and made a soft sound, his free hand drifted up towards the side of Aidan's face. Shin didn't really get it either, but tonight he could at least blame it on the liqour and the dancing - maybe even the fact that they hadn't had a chance to enjoy each other like this since he got home from his break due to Aidan being sick. Either way the ends justified the means, both of which were more than enjoyable.


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