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Who: Aidan and Shin
When: Future
Where: Club and then Aidan's apartment
What: Sex in public :)
Status: Complete
Rating: NC-17
Warning: They're at it again...'nuf said.

Axel smirked at the name and leaned towards the other a bit more. There was no bite to the insult anymore. When all you do is insult each other the words stop being mean. "That hurts," he mock complained anyway acting all affected by it.

He twisted his head to look at Shin using his shoulder as a piece of furniture. "Oh? What would happen then?" His mind was swimming with ideas, most, or rather all, of them in the gutter. "Do I get a prize if I'm a good boy?" he asked licking his upper lip and leaning over to push his tongue into Shin's mouth.

Shin's fingers stretched out and along Aidan's waist. For a second he wondered if he should give Aidan a little pinch or maybe something that would cause him a little bit of physical pain - but that slightly violent opinion of his was silenced quickly as Aidan turned his head and asked what he might get for a prize.

It seemed Aidan was intent on claiming his own reward, and if it wasn't for the fact that all that dancing had wound him up earlier - he might have giving into the urge to smack him back into reality.

"Mmm," was Shin's reply as he suckled on Aidan's tongue and teasingly held it place between his lips, before he helped it slid in deeper. When their lips finally parted, Shin found himself licking at his own lips.

"You taste good..."

With how willing Shin always seemed to be, Aidan would be in for a rude awakening when he actually started acting on his inner thoughts to make things difficult. He let out a low moan that was drowned out by the beat of the music, but still left vibrations going through their lips as they kissed. He found he was usually wound up around Shin, but with the added dancing he was a bit worse than usual.

"Do I?" he asked when he pulled back barely an inch. "And you were complaining about my choice of drinks…"

It was probably the wrong thing to say, but Shin was prone to saying stupid ( or ego boosting ) things during intimate moments when he let Aidan get the best of him. The red head knew which buttons to press, and press till he got the reaction he wanted.

"You... not the drink," he insisted just so Aidan couldn't quite claim victory, yet. Speaking of drinks, they had some didn't they? Shin took up his glass and drank some more. Inbetween pauses he used the small space of the booth as an excuse to touch the other and sneak in a few more kisses. Honestly, if this was how they spent the rest of the night he was fine by that.

Aidan just continued to smirk after the clarification of the compliment. It definitely had the affect of boosting his ego, and made him lean in for another kiss. However he found he had to wait his turn as Shin's attention was on the drink and not him for a moment. It was funny watching him in the dark booth, drinking a rum and coke and seducing him with light touches. It was one of the few times he couldn't joke about him being a kid…he really wasn't, and Aidan didn't even care if he had to give up that line of jokes if it meant he could keep seeing him like this.

Aidan was more than happy to spend the rest of the night like this as well. Rum flavored Shin was a new take on normal flavored Shin and he wasn't sure how long it would be until he was able to try it again.

Shin had to admit he was a little surprised himself, was he really the type who went out and had fun? He was a bit more respondsible than most kids his age, but his parents had always been one to press being so on him. Still, he did enjoy having fun - so what was the point of worrying.

If it wasn't for the booze he'd wonder where this sudden burst of 'lets enjoy life' was coming from, but they were both having a good time so Shin didn't try and fight it. When the kisses slowed, and he found himself thirsty Shin turned to the glass he had been nursing only to find it slightly empty.

His lips pursed slightly as he looked to Aidan, "Seems I've drank it all."

During their impromptu makeout session, Aidan had slid further onto the bench so there was not an inch of space left between the two of them. Even when Shin pulled away to get more to drink there wasn't much space between them.

Aidan couldn't help but laugh a little when Shin made his announcement. That didn’t sound like a Shin thing to say, but there was no way he could be drunk after just that. "Looks like…" he answered, taking the break to take a drink from his own glass. "Maybe next time you should take the big glass when I offer it to you."

It wasn't, then again apparently it wasn't very Shin to go out and have a good time like this either. So it seemed to be a night for firsts, and no he wasn't quiet drunk yet. Happy was a better word, and he was bit more expressive as far as his facial features went.

"When might next time be, hmm?" His face was flush from a mixture of the kisses, the lack of air in his lungs, the heat that lingered between them, and a bit of the alcohol in his system. His fingertips teased along the exposed skin of Aidan's chest as his eyes traveled upward to find the other's.

"What you already want more?" Aidan joked back in a soft voice against Shin's cheek. "That was a quick turnaround." He liked that shade of pink on him, the expressiveness, and he definitely liked the fingers playing on his skin. This was why clubs were always so dark, so the patrons could play with each other like this and no one could see the after-effects.

"Next time is whenever you want it," he told him, enthralled once again by their proximity. It should have worried him how much he continued to get taken in by whatever it was Shin did to him when they were this close, but he just couldn't get himself to care. That would require thought on his part, and right now he felt his time was better spent licking at Shin's neck than thinking.

"More of what?" He teased back just as Axel's face fell towards his neck. There was a pause in his breath as he sucked in a breath at the feeling of Aidan's warm tongue against his skin. Shin was rather glad for the darkness of the club, if not he'd probably be telling Aidan to keep his hands to himself.

"Maybe in a few minutes," was his final response as he arched up into Aidan slightly and tilted his head so more of his neck was exposed for the red head to tease. In the meantime, one of Shin's hands came up and his fingers went straight up into his hair.

More of what was a good question. Aidan had of course meant more to drink, but if Shin was going to get distracted by tasting good that was ok with him too. "The bar will still be there," he answered shortly, before returning to his skin with a content croon.

He took advantage of the newly exposed parts of Shin's neck, and went to work nibbling at him like he was some exotic dessert. His actions would have been the same if the club was brightly lit. He hadn't forgotten they were in public, he just didn't care. The combination of the alcohol, the throbbing beat and the exhilaration he got from doing this with Roxas was enough to block everything but them out.

Drink, kisses, touches in the dark anything at this point in time would have been a valid response, but really Shin wasn't in the mood to get up and get another drink. Not when Aidan was busy making his skin catch fire and his heart race.

The light headed feeling from the heat mixed with the booze made all this public display of affection tolerable. The thumping of the music could even be felt from this far, but it still wasn't any good like earlier. After a few more seconds of sitting there just enjoying Aidan at his neck, Shin shifted slightly and tugged the other's head back with his hand. His lips pressed hungrily over the other's, it was always like this. Deep kisses, the kind that stole his breath away - but it always felt like it might be their last.

Though thoroughly engrossed in his task, he went pliant under the touch on his head. His eyes slowly cracked open as he was pulled away, but closed again when it became obvious why. It didn't matter where they were, he'd always enjoy kissing Shin. There was always such an urgency about it; for some reason each time the word 'finally' kept going through his mind, and he always found himself gripping harder to make sure he was really there. Maybe someday he'd stop being insane, but not yet.

He slid one of his hands around Shin's neck and into his hair. His other hand was braced against the cushioned back of the bench to help balance him as he slid closer to Shin. There was already no space between them, so Aidan started to press on top of him, sliding a knee in-between Shin's legs, getting a better angle on their kiss.

Shin's body had turned, one of his legs pushed against the back of booth as the other fell down towards the floor. His back was rising more as he used the cushioned back of the booth and part of the wall as a brace.

Aidan was making it hard to behave himself, and with Aidan crawling higher and the kiss deepening he knew it was only a matter of time before the might get in over their heads. Logic was starting to force him to his senses.

"Why ... did we come out again?" He asked between kisses. If they were just going to start humping like rabbits, Shin figured staying in might have just been a smart choice.

Aidan heard the question, but didn't see it as a reason to stop. The kiss did shallow, and Aidan started planting smaller kisses along the edge of Shin's mouth and cheek. "To have fun," he said, pushing forward again to end up more in Shin's lap.

"Aren't you having fun?" he teased, dragging his nose against the other's cheek before reaching and nibbling on his earlobe.

"Fun -- " his words were cut off as Aidan came to rest fully atop his lap, trapping him beneath him as this bodies continued to press close.

He couldn't even answer the latter part as his lips parted with a few heavy pants. Aidan's ear was close and he rambled a little incoherently, "Fun.. mmm, Fuck." His words drew into a hiss as Aidan gave into nibbling his ear.

The incoherent rambling got a low moan in response as Aidan shifted to be kissing just behind his ear. He loved how quickly Shin could melt. He should be used to it by now, but for the same reason as the constant urgency in their kissing he couldn't. He could never bring himself to expect it and when it happened it was always the most pleasant surprise and sent his mind reeling.

It was about the time that his hand had slid from Shin's hair and found it's way under his shirt that the music started to change again. A new beat picked up seamlessly with the old and worked it's way into Aidan's kiss. They were getting to the point where they would get kicked out soon, but that thought didn't make him stop.

Shin's skin was hot to the touch, like Aidan's always was. His clothes felt like they were sticking and constricting his movements and as much as he wanted them off or Aidan to release some of the pressure this was hardly the place.

He groaned in response to the kiss, and pushed into Aidan as his desire for more grew. Fingers wound into those dyed red strands and before he knew it Shin forcing their lips apart. His blue eyes seemed to glow in the dark light of the club and he was shaking his head, despite the clear desire in his eyes.

"Dri -- dance?" He started to suggest they get a drink, he actually needed one - his throat was dry and his body was practically shaking by now that he forced himself to stop. He didn't want to stop, but it was stop or get in trouble.

Aidan was content to lose himself in Shin's groans, until he felt the other's lips suddenly absent. He cracked his eyes open to see Shin telling him to stop. If it wasn't for those eyes he would think he'd done something wrong. Though if Shin kept shaking his head anyone else in the club might think he had and then he'd get it. That thought brought him back to the reality of them being in public. Although, looking at Shin and the way he obviously matched his desire, he was ready to just drag him into the bathroom and have some fun.

"You want to dance some more?" he asked him, a little surprised by how low his voice came out.

Shin was still fighting to catch his breath when Aidan asked him in that voice that made a chill run up his spine. He shook his head, it wasn't a clear response and much as he wanted to stop, he kept the other close against him.

"I don't want to get in trouble," he said more than he meant the other two things he suggested. "If we stay here we're going to end up in that," which was tempting, they'd been in some trouble in the past hadn't they? It always turned out to be some interesting times.

Aidan was glad he didn't get pushed away, he didn't want to move either. He had to smile at Shin's worry, since he realized he probably should have been concerned about that as well. Especially since if they got in trouble and then found out the kid was drunk he'd get arrested too. The bathroom idea had been just an idle thought, but it was starting to sound like a better idea by the second, as they continued to sit there and not be able to crush against him like he wanted to.

His smile curled into his patented evil smirk. His eyes closed again and he leaned in very close to Shin, just outside of kissing him again. "Want to do something naughty?"

Not entirely drunk yet, but he was a step or so closer. If he was drunk on anything, it was Aidan ... once they started with anything Shin was just too easy. It was still hard for him to explain, but anything the red head wanted him to do he usually allowed ( within reason ). Maybe that would change someday.

"Naughty?" Shin wasn't sure he wanted to hear whatever Aidan was thinking, but the look - the tone of voice. Shin shivered again, he totally knew he should say no - but he was curious. "You're not going to get us arrested tonight are you?"

His mother would kill him if that happened.

Aidan wasn't drunk either, but with the way Shin had said 'naughty' and everything else about the night had gotten him riled up. In some ways that was worse than being drunk. When he was drunk most of the time he couldn't stand to implement his bad plans, right now he could.

"Well that depends," Aidan whispered against his lips again before moving back, grabbing Shin's hands to bring him with him. "on how quiet you can be."

"Quiet?" He repeated as he pulled up from the booth and guided through the packed club. Could anyone be quiet in a place like this? Everything about the club was loud, you had to yell just be to heard practically. So what was Aidan suggesting?

Aidan led him past the dance floor and into the back corner of the club. The only light in this area came from the crack underneath the door, and the two signs above them one reading 'men', and the other 'women'. Aidan looked around to make sure no one like a bouncer was watching the two boys draped on one another, and pushed open the door to the bathroom.

It wasn't big, but at least it was clean. Aidan looked around again to see if anyone was in the room before crushing lips onto Shin's again. He'd thought about having sex in a public place before, but he'd never been this eager with anyone else to actually go through with it. Right now, he knew he would never make it back to his apartment or the dorm first. He walked backwards, past the urinals and in front of the far handicapped stall. He paused there and broke the kiss, wanting to give Shin one more chance to back out if he wanted to.

Shin still didn't really get it until until he noticed Aidan pushing open the men's room door. The bathroom!? Of all the places ... and he couldn't even protest, the door had already closed behind them and their lips were already crushed together. Aidan was stealing his breath again and it was barely even a second before he was kissing back.

It was quieter in here, but through the door which was behind Shin he could hear the thumping bass of the music. They were moving again, lips still locked and he was fighting to keep his balance. Fingers dug into Aidan's arm just before their lips tore apart. He couldn't protest, he was too busy trying to catch his breath. As possibly dirty as this was, there was something exciting about just having each other in that moment. Trouble, Aidan was it with a capital T.

Aidan thought to himself that he was going to have to make fun of Shin for being this easy…later. Really, a public restroom? He could probably have gotten him in the first place by sitting in a van and offering him candy. The kissing back was a good sign though, and without anything else telling him to stop he pushed open the stall and dragged the two of them in it.

He broke apart from Shin just long enough to lock the door, and then quickly reattached himself. He wasted no time in pushing the other against the tiled wall, his hand already pushing up his shirt and working on the pants. It was a public space, someone could come in at any time, they would have to hurry.

Shin hissed as he felt the cold tile at his back as his slim fitting shirt was lifted up, the kiss like all their others was furious and deep. He felt Aidan at his pants, fumbling with the belt, but when he got done with the first there was a second crossed with it to make things more difficult.

Shin didn't bother fumbling with Aidan's shirt, and his hands went down as well to Aidan's pants and begun to fumble, but it was hard with their bodies shifting and grinding. The mixture of heat from Aidan and cold at his back. It was like when he was on the counter that first time. One of Shin's hands fell back as the button to Aidan's pants was undone, it came to grasp the metal bar that was screwed into the wall. Last thing he wanted was to fall on his ass and be discovered like this.

Aidan had managed to get Shin's fly most of the way open before he realized there was another belt in his way. His curse was quickly swallowed by their still frantic kissing as he fumbled with the second of the stupid belts. With the obstacles finally out of the way, he pulled open Shin's pants and started to push them down his hips.

He'd learned after their first time that he needed to keep lubricant everywhere in the apartment, but it hadn't occurred to him yet that he would need to keep it on him at all times just in case. If he could or would stop to think about it he'd probably realize they needed help, but thoughts like that were the furthest thing from his mind. Aidan pushed Shin harder into the wall, not noticing that there was a metal bar there, and broke their kiss in order to drop to his knees in front of him.

Shin was hardly thinking about the fact that they'd need to carry some form of lube on them wherever they went. It wasn't like he thought when they were going to go out, that they'd end up in this sort of situation. At least out in public, and if he had he probably wouldn't have gone out in the first place.

They could have had their way with one another a few times by now if they stayed in, but Shin wasn't complaing. There was this wave of arousal that he'd never experienced before and it was when his back was being pressed against the wall and bar, when Aidan landed on his knees in front of him that Shin felt his head spin.

One of his hands came forward to brush against the side of his face and against his hair, did he have any idea of how hot he was? If Shin wasn't still a bit coherent he might have mumbled something to that effect, but for now he was silently captured by the scene beneath him and he bit down on his lower lip in anticipation.

It wasn't as if Aidan had planned on this, like most of the things in their relationship it'd just happened. He'd actually just wanted to go dancing, get Shin drunk and then later he figured they go back somewhere and have sex. Shin really needed to learn how to stop him as it was becoming more apparent that he wasn't capable of stopping himself around Roxas.

Even in their hurry, Aidan took a moment to nuzzle into the hand on his face and stare up at Shin. It all felt so submissive, but anything was worth seeing that look on Roxas's face and knowing he put it there. His hands started on a path under Shin's shirt and up his chest as he rose up enough to lick at his prize.

Eventually he would, he'd learn to listen to the voice. All of this was new and exciting, and even if the voice in his head was logical at the same time he wanted it and so did that other part of it. It was probably the most carnal of feelings, it was raw and almost ached to a point. To just have the other and feeling everything he had to offer.

Shin shuddered at the first lick, and tumbled back against the wall, lower half arching forward towards Aidan as a result. His hand grasp at the metal bar, turning white in turn as he moaned out loud. He barely caught himself too -- keeping quiet was going to be hard.

Aidan flicked his tongue in the little slit at the head of Shin's member with a wide smirk. His eyes slid closed as he drew the head into his lips. He would have liked to spend more time teasing and building him up, but there was too big of a risk that someone would come in. Their time dancing and in the booth would have to count as their foreplay.

Getting right to the point, Axel brought his hands in a trail back from Shin's chest down to his hips. He kneaded the flesh in his hands like a cat baking and took the head into his mouth. He moved his tongue around every inch he could reach before pulling it back and starting a slow back and forth motion with his head, taking as much in as he could before moving back.

Shin bore down a little harder on his lip to quiet his moans. He was far too vocal for his own good, or maybe it was just Axel who was too good. Either way, his body was moving against Aidan's tongue and lips and he was panting through his clenched lips.

The dancing and the booth had been foreplay enough for Shin, they had been apart all of winter break, plus the entire time Aidan had been sick. Behaving themselves and after so long he was a bit more than pent up. Another reason, saying no and stop was hard. He wanted Aidan badly, later he'd probably freak out a bit about this, but right now he didn't care. It felt too good.

Needing to touch the other, Shin sunk a hand to the back of the other's head head and squeezed as the minstrations continued.

Aidan let out a low moan when he felt the hand in his hair. He loved when Shin played with his spikes, his fingers moving against the back of his head felt so good to him. The first moan had escaped him involuntarily, and he immediately tried to stop anymore from coming out. He focused himself souly on his task.

While he was trying hard to keep his own noises down he had to appreciate the muffled ones coming from Shin. He increased speed, using the hands on Shin's hips to brace himself and see how many more of those sounds he could get before bringing him to completion. If they were going to get kicked out, it might as well be for something great.

Shin was already so close, much like the first time - everyting rolled him into one big ball of overwhelmed. The excitement, the eagerness, the nerves that they could be caught at any moment doing something this outright naughty in public.

Shin felt his stomach pull and grasp hold of Aidan's head more firmly as he bucked forward. He was panting now, as softly as he could but it was with a heavy intensity that he fought to keep himself in check. "Ai -- dan," his words were cut into pieces as he felt himself build towards release, head falling back to roll against the tile.

Shin's excitement, while amusing last time was fortunate in this case. At least this time Aidan was ready for it this time. He moved with Shin's bucking hips so as not to be choked, and opened his mouth wider to swallow what he was given. It was better than it ending up on his face again; especially in public. He pulled back, letting the spent member fall from his lips, and wiped his mouth with the back of a hand.

He stood back up, stiffly and propped an arm against the wall above Shin's head for support. Even as uncomfortable as he was the heat of the moment hadn't left and as soon as he'd gotten his balance he'd slammed their lips back together. He had been painfully aroused since before coming into the bathroom, now it had only gotten worse. His other hand slipped into Shin's hair and he pulled the other away from the wall and back against him.

Shin's face was much more flush than before, he seemed to glow an even shade of red all around as he collasped back against the cold tile. He was glad it was cold, he was burning up and out of breath. It felt so good. His eyes had closed sometime during the entire orgasm and he slowly let them open as he felt Aidan ease up.

His arm tried to hook its way lazily around his waste when he felt his body shifted and pulled forward, and Aidan's lips crush against his. Not even enough time to catch his breath, before they were kissing feircely again. He wrapped his arms up and around Aidan's neck for added support before he tore his lips away.

"We -- should -- get," fuck he couldn't even speak his head was spinning and he was seeing little spots here and there. Fine time for him to suggest that they behave, but if they kept this up they were going to be naked and screaming on the cold tile floor.

Aidan made a sound of complaint when Shin pulled away, but used the time to catch his breath which was still coming out in short pants. "We…should…" he got out in-between breaths. They really should go back out and not do this anymore. Aidan convinced himself that that was the best course of action but that didn't mean it was going to happen. "But…"

Even though his pants had been partly undone earlier he still felt painfully restricted. It may have been smarter to leave before they were caught, but it was easier for Shin to say since he'd been taken care of already. He grabbed onto one of Shin's hands and held it briefly before bringing it push slightly into his pants. "Another few minutes?" he breathed out as he squirmed into the touch.

If Aidan could call the state he was in taken care of. He wasn't by any means satisfied, he wanted more and he wanted Aidan - rather badly. Just feeling his hard against his hand made him shiver. He kept thinking back to their first time, how Aidan bent him over that counter in his kitchen and took him as if they had been waiting a lifetime.

He could deal with another few minutes, and his hand moved like he knew Aidan wanted it to. "Turn 'round?" His words were muffled and quiet now that he had regained some his breath. He tried his best to switch positions, so Aidan was against wall and he was on the outside. He didn't mind returning the favor, if anything it'd be just a small taste of things in store for both of them at this rate.

Aidan backed up against the wall all too willingly. He'd gone very pliant the second Shin's hand had started moving on its own. His biggest concern of the moment was not becoming so pliant that he fell down. He gripped at the wall and metal bar to help with that and watched with glossy eyes as Shin moved.

He was biting his lips to keep from making too many sounds as Shin's hand went over his overly sensitized flesh. He would have been fine with just his hand, but it looked to him like Shin had something else in mind…which was just fine too. He nipped at his lips but didn't kiss them and fell back against the wall waiting.

Shin wasn't one to let Aidan have all the fun, not that there was much fun to be had, but if Aidan took the time to please him like that he thought he should at least return the favor. He was already slipping to his knees, when Axel fell back against the wall.

His fingers teased at Axel's waist and it wasn't long before his kisses came lower and his hands gently pulled Axel free from his pants. Roxas wasn't slow or fast. He took him into his mouth and suckled deeply before he pulled back and too hold of his lover's member at the base. Then it was smooth sailing and a constant shift of his tongue and lips across the hard and throbbing skin.

Aidan didn't know if Roxas was going to return the favor, but he had hoped. He took a long indrawn breath in anticipation as Shin sank to his knees. Shin doing anything could make him crazy, and it was only intensified by something that should make him crazy. He had to look away or he'd lose it to that alone.

He buried his hands into the yellow spikes, and threw his head back against the wall. It was so hard to keep the pleasure to himself when Rox's mouth started working on him. The world could hear him for all he cared, let them know how lucky he was. The only thing that made him keep his voice down remotely was because if they got caught Shin would have to stop.

Aidan's sounds were just what he needed to keep up with the pace of the moment. The music outside seemed to have gotten a lot better and Shin let his tongue flicker along inside his mouth to the low bass beat he could feel passing through the room from outside.

One hand still held onto Aidan's base gently while the other drew up and held firm the backside of Aidan's leg as he sucked a little deeper. He normally wouldn't have liked to rushed things, but more coherent than before he was afraid of getting caught. So made it a point to pucker and curl back along the edges he new would cause the red head to quake more strongely than before.

Aidan was at the point where he couldn't think about anything outside of the warm mouth of the boy in front of him. The music coming in from the closed door mixed with the sensation until everything blurred together into one larger feeling. The deep vibrations caused by the music, even muffled as it was, joined with his rapidly beating heart. It was impossible to tell how much of what he was feeling was impending orgasm and how much was the atmosphere.

The only warning before it was over was a tightening of his grip in Shin's hair as his whole body convulsed. Even in a dingy stall at a club…Shin was amazing.

Shin seemed prepared for the eventually quick release and he eased back slightly to accept the load that was given to him. Even with Aidan's hand buried deep into his hair and pushing him forward, he had come to adapt to the situation and eased away once the other relaxed. He licked one last time for good measure, before he looked up and wiped a finger along the edge of his mouth as his lips curled into a smirk.

He was very satisfied with himself, and satisfied feeling over all. Though it wasn't going to take Shin long to come to realize that he had totally just given a blow job and gotten one in the rest room at a night club. A first for him, and frankly behavior like this wasn't something he normally gave into.

He swallowed a final time before he crept up to his feet and lingered close enough to Aidan that he could fall against his chest with a soft sigh. He just wanted a second to rest, then they could leave the bathroom.

Aidan slumped his back against the wall, bowing his head as he slowly came back to his body. He felt exhausted but alert. His panting breaths had slowed to a more normal pace by the time Shin had gotten to his feet. He instantly wrapped his arms around the other when he fell against him, taking the time for a much needed rest.

The need to act quickly was gone now with the fear of anyone walking in to find them in a compromising position. The only thing ruining this perfect moment was how he wanted to pull his pants up if for no other reason than the tiled wall was cold. He could put up with it for a little while longer, until he felt like moving.

"Mmmm," he let out a long sigh into Shin's hair, starting to come back to the world of the living a bit. "You're such a bad influence."

"Me?" Came his muffled reply against Aidan's warm chest. The blond boy shook his head to show his disagreement. "If anyone is a bad influence its you, you always have been." The statement was let to pass as Shin murmured contently into the warmth as he felt the other shift against the wall.

He could still feel Aidan's naked and exposed mid section where his arms laid to rest and he blinked a little and shifted back, before he let his hands fall down to the other boy's pants. He gave them a lite tug up. It was probably best they clean up and escape from the rest room before anything else happened.

"Blaming your elders too…so terrible," Aidan teased back without missing a beat. He was more than happy to take the blame for them ending up in here, but he couldn't pass up a chance to tease Roxas. The continued back and forth was just an added bonus to their other activities. He made a small noise when he felt Shin back up. Without the added warmth from the front the tiles seemed even colder.

Aidan followed Shin's lead and moved away from the wall, readjusting his pants as he did so. He looked over a Shin when he was finally settled. He planned to say something snarky or keep the teasing game going but he couldn't think of anything as he looked at him. He felt so stupid sometimes at how happy and lucky he felt after each time he and Shin did anything intimate. Stupid kid, turning him into a sap. Not that that thought stopped him from closing the distance between them again and giving him a less soul-searing, but not light, kiss.

Shin laughed at that, it was funny really. Even more so when he took the time to look back through the course of the evening. Aidan came over, dragged him out, made him drink, danced with him ( which was more like sex standing up anyway ), made out with him and then drag him into bathroom and proceeded to give him probably the best blow job to date despite the shortness of the moment.

Shin flushed as the thoughts processed, yes this was all utterly Aidan's fault and that if he was in his right mind he probably would have fled from the club before he got inside. Oh the things Aidan could get him to do, and just when he was about to flee from the bathroom, the red head had to pull him into another kiss.

One that made his heart skip a beat before he melted back, slightly more embarassed than before. Roxas quickly brought up a hand and ran it over his face and up into his hair as he turned towards the stall door and unhinged it. The bathroom was still empty for the most part -- and he stepped out and towards the door before he slipped out prior to Aidan.

He needed another drink or something.

The kiss ended sooner than he would have liked. Of course, since he would have liked to continue the kiss and somehow be transported back to his apartment so they could have another round without anyone bothering them, so he would just have to deal with reality. As much as he enjoyed this 'honeymoon stage' they seemed to be in, on another level he knew it wasn't going to last. Now wasn't the time to think about that though, as he watched Roxas slip out the door.

He came back to his senses and followed after the other boy. No one should suspect anything since they were leaving the room at different times. Besides it was a club, no one was paying attention to anyone else but themselves and who they were trying to bone. He caught up to him quickly and wrapped an arm around his waist, marking his territory before anyone else got ideas about the kid.

"Ready to dance again?" he asked, leaning down close enough to his ear so he could be heard over the music.

It was hot now in the club, and there seemed to be more people than Roxas could remember than early. His eyes were dancing over the tops of their heads and shifting with the multicolored lights. He felt Aidan's arms around him and shifted slightly to look back at him. The question didn't seem to really hit him, and he answered in a way that probably would have surprised the other.

"I think I need another drink," Aidan wouldn't care - he was slightly thristy, still embarassed, and well a drink might help to relax him a little more. He didn't feel too bad after the first. If anything he had sobered up thanks to their trip to the bathroom.

Aidan had to laugh at Shin's statement. Sure, now he wanted a drink. It'd been so hard to convince him to get one earlier and now he just wanted one. It didn't occur to Aidan that he may have been talking about something nonalcoholic, since that wasn't what he was going to be getting anyway. "I thought I just gave you something to drink," he said before he could pass it through any brain filter.

It would be stupid to go back to what they'd left in the booth, so that meant it was time to shell out more money. He led them over to the bar and ordered another round of drinks. In order to ensure Shin wouldn't be just stealing his drink this time, he ordered two of the same; another long island since he seemed to have been warming up to it.

Shin didn't even argue as he was handed the tall glass with the murky liquid, he smiled gratefully as he turned away from the bar and eased slightly back as more people came in for another drink or their first rounds. Shin didn't move for the booths, instead he lead Aidan back towards the edge of the dance floor, which was lined with railings and convienant counters for drinks to be rested upon.

What Shin barely noticed though was by the time they arrived at these counters, his drink was nearly gone. He turned to Aidan to make sure he was still close by - Aidan wasn't the only one who didn't want skeevy guys or girls for that matter coming onto him. He wasn't interested. "So do you really like this type of place?" Shin had to ask because he really wasn't the club type, and some part of him wondered if the book store clerk was.

Aidan let Shin drag him around after paying for their drinks. He didn't mind where they went, and part of him was happy that Shin was doing the dragging out in public for once. He took a large gulp of his drink, finally noticing how thirsty he was. He set his drink down on the counter, not noticing how much more full it was than the one Shin had placed next to it.

He looked over at Shin when he was addressed. It would never cease to amaze him how quickly they could go from having sex to acting normal. "Yeah," he answered not really thinking about it. "It's got good music, and it's a good place to relieve stress after an evil week." He may be a book store clerk but that was a matter of convenience and him being too lazy to figure out what he actually wanted to do with his life. He could be studious when he wanted to but mostly he liked going out to places like this.

"The music isn't bad, better than before." He remarked talking about the DJ who came on and ruined the music from earlier. His finger was tapping along the countertop besides his drink as he half listened to the music around them and kept his eyes on Aidan.

Shin still felt warm all over, but he blamed the lingering embarassment over having just left the bathroom and the entire way Aidan made him feel. Still though, the bathroom blow job aside. He was fun, earlier had been nice and in the booth had been even better. He never really dated someone like this - or at all really.

Shin eased a little closer to the red head and slipped an arm around his waist. "Well, I'm glad you brought me out. It has been ... interesting." That seemed like a good word to use.

Aidan nodded in agreement that the music had gotten better. It was the normal ebb and flow of a club, he was used to it by now. Besides, there were worse things than needing to stop dancing from bad music. He looked out over the larger crowd than had been there earlier, content to people watch for awhile.

Shin reclaimed his attention when the arm went around him. He draped his own arm around Shin's shoulders and held him close. "Well that's good," he said, smirking at him. "So does this mean you'll stop being so annoying when I suggest we go out?"

"I had tests... and as you put it I was doing the freshman freakout." He glared a little not really wanting to admit it. "I'm doing better now," at least now while he didn't have any tests, but life in general - well, things felt different. Shin felt a bit more in control and he liked what he had with Aidan.

"Maybe," he finally answered playfully as he lifted an arm up around the other's neck and pulled him closer. "If say no though, whatcha' going to do?"


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