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Hey look what I finally remembered to post

Who: Aidan and Shin
When: Future
Where: Club and then Aidan's apartment
What: Sex in public :)
Status: Complete
Rating: NC-17
Warning: They're at it again...'nuf said.

Aidan walked down the halls of Shin's dormitory on a mission. It felt like ages since he'd been able to see the other. True, Shin had been over at his apartment a lot since after winter break, but he'd been so sick he couldn't really remember much of it. Those days were running together so much that he didn't even know how many times Shin had been over.

He was feeling fine now though, and decided to celebrate this by dressing up and going out…and naturally dragging a certain blonde along with him whether he wanted to or not. That was weird, calling him a blonde and not correcting himself; unless that was part of his being sick too. It was Friday night; he figured Shin couldn't be that busy. He had all weekend to do homework; this was his time.

He ignored the other college kids running around in the hall and finally got to Shin's door. He knocked on it twice and waited for it to open. He was obviously planning to go out given what he was wearing; a pair of tighter than normal black pants, a bright red sleeveless shirt with an open black button up over it. Hopefully Shin hadn't caught whatever he'd had and was able to have some fun.

Shin had been sprawled out in his bed when the knock on his door game. He had worked earlier and since Aidan had been sick recently he hadn't really thought to make plans to go out. Instead, he figured he'd just take the night and get a head start on his school work, that way he could slack off come later in the week.

It took him a second to climb out from the bed and even then he slid across the cold tile floor in his socks towards the door. A thud would have been heard as he fell forward and grabbed at the handle. With a twist and a turn he opened it and blinked in surprise. "Aidan... you're out of bed."

The shock quickly was replaced by a bright smile, but he couldn't help but notice what the red head was wearing. Compared to his simple t-shirt and jeans it seemed rather flashy. "What's going on?" Though part of him told him not to ask.

Aidan heard the thud and winced wondering what exactly was going on in that room. Shin looked ok to him when the door was opened though so he didn't think much of it. "Yeah, imagine that," he said to his greeting, making his way into the room. He didn't bother getting out of Shin's way, instead walking right up into him, almost pressed against him as he stared down, and matching the smile. While normally he didn't care who was around, he new better than to do a lot of things he wanted to with the door open. It was a college dorm and there were a lot of stupid people.

"We're going out," he told him matter-of-factly, and started to close the door. "Unless you want to stay in…sure we can find something to do."

Shin's body eased back as Aidan got close, but he couldn't get terribly far thanks to the small entry way. The hand that had fallen back behind him pressed into the closet for support as he stared up at the red head.

He didn't really register what Aidan was saying until after he blinked a few times up at him. Out? "You want to go out?" Then the door was closing and his eyes watched it as it met with the siding and clicked closed. Then he faintly recalled that he had promised to go out when he got back from winter break so he supposed he couldn't say no.

"If you're sure you're feeling up to it." He didn't want Axel pushing himself too much, but if he felt better then that meant they could spend time together when he wasn't doped up on cheap over the counter cold medicine. Shin reached up to drag a hand across the red head's chest as before he turned and opened the closet behind him to find something to wear.

"Let me find something to wear."

Aidan reached up and put his hand over the one dragging across his chest. Shin's hand felt warm against his; it was nice to feel it when his mind was working and not through a haze of cheap-ass cough medicine. He didn't bother responding to if he was feeling better; obviously, he was vertical that was good enough.

He let his arm drop and leaned down to peck against Shin's neck when he turned away from him. "Take your time," he said, and slipped away towards the other parts of the room, only feeling up his thighs a little bit before he moved. He walked back over and flopped down on the bed waiting for the dress up show.

Aidan was left with a fleeting tap of his fingertips against his own warm skin as he slipped away to find a place to sit on the bed. He didn't bother telling Aidan to watch his books and papers, there was nothing there anyway to get ruined or lost besides the text books themselves.

With his back turned, the red head couldn't see the smile that the kiss and squeeze of his hips had left on his lips. He quickly dug through the hangers inside the small space and pulled out a few things and begun to sling them over his arm. He grabbed a belt and bent pulled out a pair of shoes from the bottom before he slipped into the bathroom.

He didn't have to change in there, away from Aidan's eyes - but in the back of his head he knew it was the only way keep distractions at their lowest levels. He begun to change when he thought to ask, "So where are we going?"

Aidan almost pouted when Shin went into the bathroom ending the show before it started. Not fair. The pout was alleviated somewhat by the look of disbelieve and slight chuckle. The modesty was really out of place by this point. Something he'd remind him of if he kept pulling stuff like this.

"A club," he called back out through the closed door. He hadn't seen a reason to get off the bed yet, though he was pulling at the books he's landed on and moving them out of the way. "Thought of inviting Dem, but couldn't get a hold of him. His loss."

Well, if Aidan had bothered to try and peek, he would have found the doorway to the bathroom open ... but sadly the wall and the position of the bed held back his view this time around.

It didn't matter much anyway, Shin had already pulled on his pants. Much like Aidan's they were more form fitting and the shirt he chose to wear wasn't too different from his normal attire. Though it was softer, like silk and it too like his pants clung to portions of his upper body - especially at the waist and torso. Shin pushed up the collar and undid the top few buttons to reveal the four pointed star pendant Aidan had giving him, before he pulled on his belts. The checker board patter belts criss crossed at his waist and both were buckled together in the center.

After that, he used splashed some water on his hands and set them through his blond hair. He gave it a good rufflle to add to its wildness before checked himself in the mirror really quick, and after a quick brush up on his physical hygiene he stepped out and returned to the closet to grab his shoes.

Aidan hadn't peeked because he figured the last thing he needed was Shin to get angry or embarrassed. He didn't know why he would, but he also didn't know why he had to go into the bathroom to change so better safe than sorry. He looked over when he heard the door open, and was finally given a reason to get up off the bed when he saw what Shin was wearing.

Aidan approved. He sat up, and flung his legs off the side while staring at the way the pants and belts framed the smaller boy's hips. He definitely approved of that. He walked behind him over the closet and hooked a finger under the belts, pulling him against him before he could bend down to get the shoes.

"Hey sexy," he said against his ear. "Come here often?"

A tiny surprised 'whoa' left Shin's lips as he was brought backwards and pressed against Aidan. His hands reached back just for something to grab hold of and it was Aidan's hips that became his target.

With a little laugh and a smirk at Aidan's words, Shin pressed himself a little bit more forward. Aidan was hard to resist, harder due to the fact that this was the first time really since he had gotten home that Aidan wasn't too ill to be playful. The playful antic was well recieved for once.

"Mmmm, not often enough." was his reply as his fingers returned the squeeze from earlier.

Aidan smirked wide at the feeling on his hips and the fact that Shin seemed to be enjoying himself. "Hmm," he moaned sharply at the squeeze, and pressed forward against him. He loved this. Standing this close to Roxas, his face buried in the messy blonde spikes…oh they smelled good.

"If you keep doing stuff like that we'll never make it out," he crooned into his hair. "These pants don't really leave much to the imagination, and you're making me imagine a lot of stuff."

"You're one too talk," Shin said as his eyes rolled close as Aidan buried his head into his hair. The croon made him smile and rock slightly into the other, but much like Aidan and his pants his pants did the same. So he was quick to ease away and turn around.

If they were going out to a club, that meant they'd have plenty of time to enjoy themselves, and Shin was already stricken with a few bad thoughts of his own. If he ended up acting on them would be another story. Swallowing he took his attention off Aidan, which was hard enough and reached for his shoes. He tugged them on quickly before he went to get his wallet, keys, and cell from his dresser. They were stuffed into his pockets before he nodded to Aidan that he was ready to go.

"What? Blaming me for it?" Aidan joked back as Shin started moving around. "So much disrespect. It's ok I forgive you." He readjusted his pants, ready to go as well. The club wasn't that far, the nice thing about college towns is they were always within walking distance.

He wrapped an arm around Shin's waist and started them out the door. "So what are the odds of actually making you loosen up tonight?"

Shin lingered long enough by the door to lock it behind him before he returned to walking along Aidan's side and down the hall. Shin seemed a little smug when he noticed the glances they were getting from the few people they manage to pass by, but for the most part they went ignored.

"Loosen up? Depends...," again it all depended, though he recalled his promise and he would keep his word and try and have some fun. He felt much more relaxed now with no tests and the holidays over.

Aidan noticed the looks they were getting too, and enjoyed them far too much. He managed to keep his smug feeling of his face in favor of looking casual, but he made sure to grab Shin closer. Oh yeah, he was awesome.

"Depends…well I guess that's a step in the right direction," he rolled his eyes towards the ceiling as they exited the dormitory. He started them towards the same street that had the bar they'd gone to before. "You're drinking something tonight…that'll help."

"Am I? Didn't we have a conversation that other time we were in that bar about how I don't drink?" It was still slightly on the cold side, not as much as it had been prior to him going home. So when they left the building, Shin eased a bit more closer to Aidan and the warmth of his body.

He was wearing a rather amused over the entire situation, and yes maybe he would give in to having a drink, but he didn't have to let Aidan know that just yet.

"Yeah you are," Aidan told him casually. "We went to a bar, this is a club…totally different." At a club you get tired from dancing and need something to drink and it's very easy for that to turn into something alcoholic. Shin was loosening up tonight whether he liked it or not.

They reached the club in short order, the loud bass could be heard a block away, which meant it should be a good night. "Hope you like trance." He said, pulling out his wallet to be able pay the cover for both of them.

"Different you say? Well, I'm sure they have water at these night clubs." Oh he could just be no fun sometimes, with a little bit of a chuckle, he kept quiet when they arrived and Aidan pulled out his wallet to pay. He was ready to grab his id but that seemed like it was necessary either. So he slipped inside just ahead of Aidan and let his eyes pass over the club.

There were a good a number of people already in the dance floor swaying under the lights and to the music, the bar was packed. The music wasn't bad at all, though there was little music he disliked on a whole.

He looked back over his shoulders and offered the red head a grin. So where was he going to get dragged first?

"No they don't," Aidan said instantly with a straight face. They might have water…he sure wouldn't know. How much would you tip for water? That's crazy. The club looked good tonight, it wasn't full but it wasn't dead. Nothing was worse than a dead club.

Aidan stood right in front of him, taking both of his hands in his. That was the second benefit of clubs, you had to get close to even be able to hear each other over the loud music. "So since you're drinking tonight, we could start at the bar…but I think I'll get less argument if you're thirsty first." With that he started dragging him over to the dance floor first. He didn't even know if Shin knew how to dance, this could be interesting.

"Now that's a lie," he said loud enough over the crowd so Aidan would hear it. Of course this place had water, probably the expensive bottled kind that everyone liked drinking nowadays.

Shin looked up as Aidan shifted around and pulled him close, he didn't really mind, in fact considering the lenght of time apart and the the time Aidan spent being sick. The closeness was more than welcome, and as they shifted out into the dance floor. Shin wasn't totally clueless as far as dancing goes, but he wasn't the best out there.

Besides, most dancing these days was just a step above sex. Half the time people just used dancing as an excuse to publically grind their hips into another person's and that seemed like a good enough of a reason to use currently. They were just a tad bit over due for hip grinding.

Shin shifted his way through the crowd until he found a not entirely cramped spot of personal space before he dragged his hands upward along Aidan's chest and let them loop around the red head's neck. He tugged Aidan down slightly as he eased forward against him.

It didn't matter to Aidan really, whether Shin was good or horrible at dancing. He would have gotten the same smirk either way. Just the act of being on the dance floor, surrounded by others who might as well have not been there, was enough. He knew all about public dancing too. It'd been awhile since he'd taken a date out to do so with, not that random strangers who thought he was hot weren't fun too.

Wait 'date'? They were actually out on a date. Something about that made him want to just start laughing. He probably could have and wouldn't have been heard over the music. It just seemed so…he wasn't able to describe it, but just something about it was funny and so not them. In his mind he saw a scene with the two of them, but not them. He couldn't even get that self to suggest a dance. It just wasn't an option.

Back in the present, he pulled Shin close against him wrapping his arms around his waist. He was more than happy to bend down at Shin's insistence and buried his nose back in the other's hair.

It felt like forever, even though it hadn't been, since they had last been this close. Aidan was warm and his skin felt like at any minute it might burst into flames. Shin rather liked the way it felt beneath his cooler fingertips and he let them roam along the red head's neck as their bodies shifted to the music against one aonther.

In the back of his head, he didn't even really think about this as a date - even though it totally was. Sort of how like, they never really put any lables on their relationship. Like most things it seemed they were a little above giving themselves lables. More like the only thing that mattered was the fact that they were together and that's how things were going to stay.

Shin's head crooned forward, now and again coming to rest against the other's chest. The music kept pounding in his ears and Axel's unique smell occasionally greeted his senses, and Shin thought he smelt rather nice - more than really.

To say that Aidan was enjoying himself would be a horrible understatement. Being this close to Shin by himself was enough of a sensory experience to send him over the edge into oblivion. Adding the smells and pheromones coming out of his blonde spikes, the feeling of their movements against each other and the overall atmosphere that could only be felt in a club surrounded by the other couples doing the exact same thing and being driven by the same never ending beat.

He moved even closer as the music seamlessly changed into another song. There was no space anymore, and there didn't need to be. The dimly lit room, broken ever now and then by the moving lights, and the rhythm that was impossible to ignore; it really was sex standing up. His hands slide down into the back pockets of Shin's pants gripping him more tightly as they moved their hips in perfect synchronization. He couldn't say how long it lasted, as the songs blended seamlessly and an hour might as well have been 10 minutes.

Shin's fingers stretched up and into the hair at the nape of Aidan's neck. From there they reached up and took hold as his lower half drove lower against Aidan's hips. Every little movement now was inducing positive responses in the base of his spine.

Pleased croons escaped now and again as he lifted his head and focused on Aidan's face. The music wasn't terribly bad either, so it was easy to get into the low bass rhythm, and it really was like having sex standing up. Shin never really danced like this before, but it wasn't hard to manage ... and as the seconds droned on he found himself remember back to their first time and Aidan pressing him against against the counter.

It seemed to defeat the purpose of Shin trying to get a little revenge on the other, so with a twist of his body he pushed to arch his hips at a sharper angle into Aidan before he slipped his body just out of reach. A playful glance was given to aidan as he twisted on his heels and turned around to continue dancing with the music.

Aidan shivered at the sudden push forward, and was ready to slip back in, maybe nibble on his neck for a bit, but he suddenly sound himself short one blonde. His arms stayed in there position for a minute as his mind worked to catch up with current events. A playful glance? Oh that little bastard.

If he thought he was getting away that easily, he was grossly mistaken. Aidan was instantly behind him, wrapping an arm around his waist before someone else on the floor thought he was available. He pressed their hips together again, not worrying about the beat yet and ran his hand along his torso. "What? Done dancing already?" he asked in his ear.

He hadn't gone too far, what would have been the fun in that. He wasn't surprised when Aidan came to claim him back, in fact he was glad because if anyone else had tried they probably would have found themselves personally insulted and maybe smacked if they decided to get too friendly.

The connection of hips was returned with a slow and well placed shift of his own. One of his arms reached up and stretched back to hook around Aidan's neck as he tilted his head back to look at the other. The same look from before was still set on his lips. "Mmm... no," and he swayed his hips again back into the other as he slid down against the other man's chest. "I think we're just getting started?"

"Good," Aidan replied simply getting the rhythm back into their melded hips. The beat was easy to pick up again, with how it reverberated in his bones. He watched Shin's face as the constantly changing lights played over it, changing its hue. One thing it couldn't change were those eyes though. Roxas, Shin, they were the same and he couldn't help but get lost in them.

Under the spell of the music and nice scenery of the one wrapped in his arms it wasn't any surprise that he'd bend down to kiss him. He'd made fun of the people who would go to a club just to makeout on the dance floor, but right now it made sense. It wasn't like there was anyone else around them that he noticed anyway.

In the awkward but somewhat arousing backwards bent kiss, Shin's fingers fell away and out of Aidan's hair and around to the front of his face. His fingertips glided to cup the side of his face as he opened his mouth to deepen the kiss. Even his tongue was moving in time to the music. Between Aidan, his warmth, and the beat of the music he was completly in his own world.

As far as Roxas and Shin were concerned the rest of the world could just go off and die, and if someone else noticed then let them stare and be jealous. Shin was having a good time, for once. He actually could if he didn't have any weird outside forces ( and school finals ) making him freak out.

Aidan couldn't have cared less about being in public. His world had already consisted of just them and the music, but now it was narrowing further to only include the internal world of their mouths. Taste had been the only sense not explored earlier but it was making up for lost time now. His moans were drowned out by the music, but the vibration of them could still be felt.

Then came the disturbance. The music changed, but it wasn't fluid. His eyes opened irritably as the spell was broken and he looked over at the dj booth. They were changing djs and it looked like the new guy couldn't figure out a smooth transition…dammit. Making out with and rubbing against Roxas was always great but the spell had been broken.

He pulled away from Shin's mouth with a smack, and stared down at him licking his lips. He smiled at him and nuzzled at his ear. "ready for a drink?"

It was impossible not to notice the horrid transition in music and his kiss suffered like Aidan's. His blue eyes tore open to view the lights as they ran across the ceiling before he focused on Aidan. Their lips pulled apart, Shin took the moment to suck in a deep breath before he blinked at Aidan's question.

A drink, my my he was tricky. He was a little thirsty and it seemed for the most part that Aidan's plot to get him to drink at least one drink might very well work. He thought it over just for the sake of making Aidan squirm a bit before he nodded. "That could work," at least it was another place to stand close since the dance floor seemed to be less interesting with the new dj.

"That took less wheedling than I thought it would," Aidan joked back, smirking as he closed the distance between them for a small kiss again. He always hated when they switched djs and the new one sucked. He wasn't even playing music, it was some bastard love child of rock, rap and house. The bar would be a much better place to enjoy each other's company.

He led the way through the throng of bodies belonging to people with no musical taste over to the bar along the wall. He ordered his drink and turned to Shin. "Oh look I was right they don't serve water," he said with no tangible evidence of the claim. "So what do you want? If you don't know drink names I could always pick one for you."

"Well, the music isn't really all that great now," he said as he gave Aidan's rear a light tap in warning as they begun to weave through the people who remained on the dance floor.

At the bar, Shin's eyes eased to the bar back display and the numerous bottles that lined the lighted display. He wasn't really interested in beer, he had tried some and it was really just too bitter for him. He had wine on holidays, but it wasn't something you drank at a club or in his opinion at all except on those special occasions. He was curious what Aidan might pick out, but afraid to know all the same. "Surprise me... " he figured he might regret this later, but curiosity was getting the better of him.

Aidan's smirk got impossibly wide and couldn't have helped Shin's impression that he was going to regret this. He wasn't trying to, he was just happy that Shin was taking his advice and trusted him enough to let him order for him. He was tempted to get something just to freak him out, like a 'screaming orgasm' so tempted…but then he actually wanted Shin to drink it. That was scrapped even if he could make the bad joke that he'd get one later too.

He ordered him something just short of a girly drink; so it didn't taste much like alcohol but also didn't come bright pink with an umbrella in it. The entire time he ordered he kept his hand on Shin's back idly tracing designs. When the bartender was done with their drinks he hoped up on the bar stool and looked expectantly at Shin.

Shin probably would have walked away from the bar then and there if Aidan had told him that he was going to have to drink a 'screaming orgasm'. He didn't hear exactly what Aidan ordered for him, the sounds and smell of the bar area were slightly distracting.

Like on the dance floor, people were brushing close to one another, and talking into ears. The tracing of his lower back served as a very pleasant distraction, so much so that he shut his eyes while he waited. Letting the music flow into his ears as he enjoyed Aidan's warm touch.

When he felt the light tug of fingers at his back, Shin opened his eyes and noticed Aidan look before he took a seat besides him. "So what did you get?" he asked curiously as he eyed the two glasses before them.

"It's called a long island," Aidan told him, pushing the large drink towards Shin. It seemed like a good idea since it was brightly colored and interesting looking, plus it had a lot of alcohol in it in case that was the only one he could get Shin to drink all night. "I could have gotten you a vodka cherry, which is basically a Shirley temple with vodka, but figured you could handle a big-boy drink." He grinned around the rim of his own glass at that joke and took a sip.

Shin's eyes narrowed at the murky colored drink rather flatly when Aidan said its name. You had to be pretty dumb not to know what a Long Island was and it seemed like Aidan had gone and shot himself in the foot already.

Shin's expression shifted for a second, the corner of his lip curling up as he leaned towards Aidan. "Mmm, and what are you having then?" It wasn't the same as his, and Shin had a plan.

Aidan raised an eyebrow at Shin's narrowing eyes, but assumed it was since he just didn't like alcohol. Oh well, he'd said he would go out and had let him buy him something so he'd better drink it. The idea of Shin getting drunk was too amusing to not try for.

"Rum and coke," he told him. It was good, cheap and enough of them would get him drunk…it was win win.

Shin thoughtfully lifted his own drink as if he was going to take a sip as Aidan answered. However, at the last minute he put his glass down and reached towards Aidan's glass. "Can I try?"

Innocent enough of a question, and Aidan should be more than glad that Shin seemed to actually want to try something with alcohol in it.

Aidan paused with the glass at his lips at that question. "You sure you want it?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. "Thought you'd want something that didn't taste like alcohol…don't blame me when you don't like it." He saw no reason not to let him have a taste of his rum and coke. Hey, if Shin developed a taste for it, it would be a lot cheaper to keep buying for him until he was plastered.

"Really... you can taste the liqour in this that badly?" Shin frowned as he took the glass and lifted it for a quick smell. Ok that wasn't terrible, the coke and the rum had a rather weird smell. He took a testing sip and made a small face.

It wasn't that great tasting, but he could at least deal with this rather than the other drink - which he knew from a few friends had three times the amount of liqour as this one. Shin took another small sip before he lowered the glass, he was careful to keep it in his hand. Then his much larger glass was pushed towards Aidan.

"Funny you say that because last time I checked, a Long Island had a lot more liqour than this rum and coke." Busted, Aidan. So busted.

Aidan watched in amusement as Shin tentatively took his first sip. He felt so proud of himself that he'd finally made a crack and got him to do something to loosen up. It was even better that he was underage and able to drink openly at the bar; gotta love college towns.

He wasn't expecting the drink switching but it didn't make him mad. He dropped his forehead onto his hand and started snickering. That was adorable…if he wanted the rum and coke he could have just asked.

"Well yeah…" he said waving his hand around nonchalantly and grabbing the long island. "The glass is bigger." He didn't care if that wasn't the reason why it sounded good to him.

"Mmm, and its like full nearly to the top with alcohol dumb ass," Shin lifted a finger and gave the red head a little flick on his nose in hopes of momentarily wiping the shit eating grin off his face.

In the mean time, Shin took another sip and set down the glass. Enough of that, he drank -- the glass was still pretty full, but he drank. "Just try not and get too drunk this time." The last time hadn't been much fun for Shin personally.

The flick on his nose did nothing to get rid of Aidan's grin. Shin would have to stop being so damn cute if he wanted that to happen. He just sniggered again and just went back to watching Shin drink and taking a sip of his new beverage as well.

Aidan laughed a little at being reminded about what had happened last time they went out to a bar. He didn't remember most of that night, but he knew it ended with giving Shin a kiss so it couldn't have been too bad. "Here, I'll make you a deal," he said, evil grin coming back full force. "You finish that, and try some of this one that you decided I should drink…and I won't drink anymore tonight."

"Oh really... because we know how well you listen to me after a few drinks." Shin chuckled a little and nodded, but not in agreement. "Let's just see where tonight goes, hmm?"

Shin lifted his glass up and bent it slightly towards Aidan. So far nothing about tonight had been bad, and any time spent with Aidan was fine by him. The music seemed slightly less lame than before so there was no reason to cut deals at this point. He'd probably try some eventually, just not right now.

"Well that's the point," Aidan argued back. "I won't drink if you do so you don't need to worry about me listening or whatever you're complaining about this time." He took another sip from his drink before looking back at Shin with a mock of his pout. "And how would you know, you've only gone out drinking with me once."

Yeah, fine they could wait and see how tonight went. For now the dj still sucked, so dancing was out of the question for the moment. "Common," Aidan standing up and nipping at Shin's ear. "lets go sit somewhere else and we can see how tonight goes." The club was set up with the bar on the other wall of the dance floor and a row of more private booths along the back. If they couldn't dance, and Shin wouldn't drink properly at least Aidan could do other stuff to him there.

Shin had been about to drink again when Aidan suggested they move, he really didn't have a problem with it. There was a steady and constant flow of people coming up and interrupting the bartender around them did sort of add to the distraction of the club air.

Shin eased off the bar stool and with his drink in hand followed the red head to one of these booths. He slid in first and eased towards the wall before he set his drink down and turned slightly to accomdate Aidan as he sat down. This was better, they could sit close and have their privacy at the same time.

"You wouldn't listen to me anyway," Shin knew better.

Aidan was glad there wasn't a fight over moving. The bar was nice, but even dimly lit the booth would be better than out in the open. Even if it was a college town they'd figure out Shin wasn't 21 eventually, not that that was the real reason Aidan wanted a private area.

He slid onto the bench next to Shin and set his drink down as well in-between him and Shin, just incase he could get him to try some of it. "I always listen to you," he complained. "I just don't do anything with what I hear."

"Idiot," the word that would forever be repeated between them, though at his rate the word was more of a pet name than an insult. Shin really was with stupid in this case, and he honestly didn't mind. He liked Aidan, and everything that came along with being with him. Even the stupid.

Shin's lips curled playfully again as he leaned closer to the other and rested his chin atop the very edge of his shoulder, "Mmm, just imagine what things might be like if you actually did listen."

Probably the end of the world, or at least nothing. Their relationshp would probably be a little boring if Aidan wasn't such a trouble maker.


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